Observations: Celebrate the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012

Searching for the Forest Lord © Mike_kiev | Dreamstime.com

At last we have a Winter Solstice with the Sun feeling the warmth of a conjunction with Juno and an exact sextile to compassionate Neptune in Pisces, reminding us Capricorn is feminine earth. It is time to journey within into the Fertile Dark to plant the seeds of renewal, and the earth of Capricorn being infused with watery Pisces is particularly fertile!

Juno’s presence may represent the sacred marriage where the male and female elements are joined together, restoring life and fertility. She can be somewhat austere in Capricorn (at least in public) but her commitment will endure, especially with the blessing of Neptune in Pisces.

If you can, set aside some time on the Solstice and light a candle to symbolize the beginning of the return of the light. Those who live in cities can forget just how dark the countryside is this time of year in the northern hemisphere. It is easy for me to imagine how important those seasonal rituals were to help people remember the Sun would return and warm the land once more.

The fire element is represented in the Solstice chart by Moon in Aries trine Mercury in Sagittarius along with Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Their contribution is to spread warmth and laughter whilst reminding us to lighten up once in awhile. Whilst these pairings can be impulsive and somewhat rash at times, the spirit of generosity and goodwill more than offset those issues. Hey, it’s OK to live a little!! Grab those brilliant ideas as they speed by for future consideration too.

Venus in Sagittarius is square to Chiron in Pisces opening the door to hurt feelings and a reminder to think before you flirt or drop the one you came with to pursue another who catches the eye. Sagittarius does not handle being guilt tripped well at all, something Pisces does resort to on occasion. Tears can backfire badly too . . . see Sagittarius run out the door.

Mars in Capricorn is on his own and given Mars is exalted in Capricorn, he will do quite well. This is a well organized, practical Mars with considerable endurance and will do great working alone. Mars does harmoniously aspect the current Nodal Axis with the North Node in Scorpio and the South Node in Taurus. This aspect pattern supports the hardworking Saturn-Pluto sextile and further emphasizes the need for presenting practical solutions based in reality.

The most significant aspect pattern in the Solstice chart is an exact Yod with Jupiter in Gemini at the apex and Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn as the base. It is at 8° and if you have personal planets and/or Ascendant at 7° to 9° in any sign, this one could come knocking at your door.

Here are some things I believe everyone needs to keep in mind not only in the near future but over the next six month period when the Winter Solstice chart is in effect. The Yod suggests depending on luck, charm and some fast talking alone will NOT be enough to achieve your goals. Building a solid foundation of accurate information and demonstrating tenacity are essential, no matter if you are applying for work, school or launching a business. If you are someone who is used to going through life flying by the seat of your pants, brace yourself for some serious roadblocks and a very rough ride. Those with strong Scorpio and Capricorn elements in their natal charts or solid support from Saturn are more likely to find their usual approach to life will stand them in good stead. Even having progressed planets and Ascendant in Capricorn as I do (Sun, Mars and ASC) will help. Please do not underestimate the raw power of Saturn sextile Pluto in mutual reception . . . those two are working as a team and are totally not interested in hearing excuses of any kind!

Please take a few moments to reflect on the past six months and then consider what you wish to accomplish in the coming six months. Light a candle to honor this transition and the Fertile Dark out of which all life arises. Be well and please enjoy the beauties of this holiday season.