Observations: Aquarius Season is almost here

Aquarius by Susan Seddon-Boulet© Susan Seddon-Boulet

We’re just over a week from the Sun leaving stern, cardinal earth Capricorn for the quirky, fixed air sign of Aquarius on 19 January. The transition will be very abrupt and more profound than usual as we leave a sky dominated by cardinal earth for one dominated by preponderances in fixed air . . . Aquarius showing off its Uranus ruled nature!

Aquarius is a fascinating combination of the need for freedom of expression and the usual resistance to change of a fixed sign. In some respects Aquarius, a “masculine” air sign fits the profile of the company CO who chooses profits over people than Capricorn who often is more willing to find a work around of some kind to help others. As a receptive earth sign, Capricorn may be more sympathetic than Aquarius who can be quite detached, viewing life from an intellectual point of view. Neither Saturn nor Uranus, rulers of Capricorn and Aquarius, are the warm fuzzy type but in my experience Uranus is the planet that promotes looking out for number one the most . . . just my personal opinion of course. I do know Uranus transits have landed me in a LOT more hot water than Saturn transits. *grin*

The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius will both be sextile Uranus in Aries and trine Jupiter in Gemini the following week, encouraging us to celebrate our differences instead of demanding confirmation to the status quo. Whilst the fire and air signs will embrace this shift with joy, I doubt if the earth and water contingent will. Don’t get too used this new sense of freedom because all too soon both Mercury and the Sun are going to run into a wall called Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is still closely sextile Pluto in Capricorn and those two heavy weights can bring a great deal of pressure to bear and insist practical guidelines be followed. Thankfully this whole business will be wrapped up by the end of January when Jupiter stations direct. Here again it is those who have personal planets and/or ASC from 6° to 11° who are going to feel this action the most.

A head’s up for Libras, especially for those born in the first decant of Libra, Venus will be entering Aquarius on February 1. Venus will follow the same pattern of being sextile to Uranus in Aries and trine to Jupiter in Gemini before running into Saturn in Scorpio on 10-11 February . . . yes, just before Valentine’s Day. Flirting with the wrong person may bring some fairly serious repercussions.

Airy Aquarius encourages everyone to explore new ideas and be open to many different ways of looking at life. When emotions are running high we may greatly benefit from a more detached perspective though balancing detachment with compassion and tolerance is important too. The Saturn-Pluto sextile continues to add a necessary grounding, all to the good.


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