Libra Weekly Horoscopes for January 21, 2013

The fragile beauty of hoarfrost.

The fragile beauty of hoarfrost.

© Diane Lang

Time to brainstorm, people! Our minds will be lit up this week by the Sun and Mercury entering the intellectual sign of Aquarius as a team with enthusiastic support from Uranus in fiery Aries and Jupiter in quick thinking Gemini.

1. A method of shared problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas.
2. A similar process undertaken by a person to solve a problem by rapidly generating a variety of possible solutions.

All you air signs out there rejoice because Monday and Tuesday will have five planets in air! The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius with the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini! All that air will probably go to our heads but what the heck . . . our minds can use a jump start after the recent cycle heavy to earth and water. Tuesday also has Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries and trine Jupiter in Gemini. Wow.

Thursday and Friday the Aquarius Sun repeats those aspects to Uranus and Jupiter signaling opportunities to reconnect to our inner rebel. Best not get too caught up in that role because Friday Saturn in Scorpio squares Mercury and starts to force everyone to come back into reality. Remember we’re talking fixed signs here so people will be inclined to be darn stubborn about changing opinions.

Looks like an interesting week, folks, with plenty of opportunities for great discussions about everything under the sun. Make note of those brilliant ideas but be prepared to discard most of them. Saturn is only going to accept the most pragmatic and practical approaches with plenty of built in redundancies. Being able to accomplish your goals in small steps is another factor Saturn will be looking for.

There is a lively Full Moon in Leo on the weekend which I will be posting on very soon.
Have a great week!

This could be a very good week for you, Aries, with your mind working at top speed coming up with really big ideas for the future. Looking ahead is what it is all about for you. Those most likely to rain on your parade are banker types.

Taurus, you may end up wondering what all the excitement is about this week. However if opportunities come your way to improve your income, please give those serious consideration though your partner may be less than thrilled with some of those. Enjoy time at home this weekend.

Ready, set, go, Gemini! You will love all these bright ideas being thrown around and will contribute more than a few yourself. Make note of the best ones for implementing down the road. Pushing too far past your limits could be a bad idea.

In your case, Cancer, the excitement this week may be generated by what’s happening in your career. Even though this might be good for your financial situation, it could be hard on your nerves, making sleep difficult. Take time for quiet pleasures to counteract the fizziness.

This the perfect time for you to network with your peers and other like-minded people, Leo. It is also a great time to attend workshops and expand your intellectual horizons. If you are considering throwing a party this weekend, better check with your housemates first.

Lots going on in your career sector, Virgo, and even if only a few of the better ideas being tossed around are implanted, you stand to benefit. Listen to what your coworkers have to say as their input matters. Communications might be blocked late in the week.

You might end up sitting back and watching the various antics others get up to this week, Libra. Join in some of those interesting conversations and enjoy all the wild ideas being thrown out there. Steer clear of committing yourself financially though.

Like or not, Scorpio, you might have to be the bad guy later this week, particularly when dealing with your family and money issues. It’s not like you haven’t seen this coming so think about what you need to say and brace yourself for the ensuing storms.

The world of ideas can open up once more for you, Sagittarius, and I bet you’ll be more than happy to dive right in! You need to take a break anyway from dealing with your personal finances. Schedule some serious playtime with your sweetie if you can.

It probably won’t break your heart to find the spotlight has moved off of you, Capricorn. You have plenty going on as it is and some unexpected household expenses might be part of that. Time to start thinking about tax season maybe?

Aquarius, it is your turn to seize the moment! The biggest challenge may be choosing what you want to focus on right now as your mind may be skittering all over the place, full of great ideas. Write those down as they cross your mind.

You do enjoy people watching, Pisces, and this week ought to bring plenty of opportunities for that. You also might wish to consider taking some time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle to relax in a serene environment . . . someplace other than home.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


4 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for January 21, 2013

  1. Excellent. I’ve been sending out pitches and articles and hopefully I’ll get something published soon. That’s my big aim this year. Plus, I sure could use the money.

    • Hey Eme Kah!
      Looks like the upcoming Full Moon in Leo w/its Basket Pattern kisses your chart! I was thinking about Saturn in Scorp’s role & my suspicion is those who succeed will have to work diligently & very hard to get there . . . good for disciplined sorts like yourself. Weed out all those who mistakenly believe in free lunches. 😛

      Blessings & good luck!! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

        • I agree because one thing the Saturn-Pluto sextile is going to demand is follow through. Those like yourself who know how to work will do fine & those who think they should be rewarded for “trying” are going to learn that won’t fly anymore.

          xoxoxo diane~

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