Observations: Martin Freeman, Sweet Virgo

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

When I saw Martin Freeman was to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, I was delighted. Hobbits are gentle, cheerful sorts who enjoy good food, good company and living in their wonderful underground homes . . . very earthy sorts. Martin, who has a Virgo Sun conjunct Venus and a Taurus Moon, fits right in.

Martin and his fellow cast member in The Hobbit, Richard Armitage, are the same age with their birth dates about two weeks apart. They do share many of the same planets within a degree or two including Mars in Aquarius and all the outer planets. However, Richard has his Sun-Venus conjunction in dramatic Leo, a very eye-catching aspect whilst Martin’s Sun-Venus conjunction in Virgo gives him a quite different kind of appeal. He has a sweetness to his expressions and can only be describes as “cute”. Virgo tends to shun the spotlight Leo loves to bask in. I imagine this has made it easier for Martin to live an ordinary life, going about his business seldom being recognized.

Even though I don’t have a birth time for Martin, I do believe his Moon is in Taurus rather than Aries. He describes himself as “a creature of habit, mashed-potato comfort. I like rugs. Our sofa is squishy. Maybe too squishy. It’s hard to get up sometimes.” Plus he is very much the family man who has two children with his longtime partner, actress Amanda Abbington.

Mercury, always a key player in any Virgo’s chart, is in Leo and squared by Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. It is semi-sextile to Pluto in Virgo as well. The square to Neptune and Jupiter are reflected in Martin’s ability to disappear into the role he is playing and the semi-sextile to Pluto is wonderful for remembering all the important details necessary for creating a convincing character. Martin is known for his dry wit and comedic abilities which I attribute to Jupiter’s influence.

Like Bilbo, Martin does have a more adventurous side with his Mars in Aquarius trine Uranus in Libra which also gives one excellent reflexes and the ability to learn physical skills easily . . . very useful when playing fighting scenes and scrambling about the steep New Zealand landscape. Additionally Martin has Saturn in Gemini within orb for a Mars-Saturn trine. [I felt this same aspect in Richard’s chart was just too wide.] Saturn tones down the more extreme side of the Mars-Uranus aspect, civilizing it as it were.

Martin is also playing Watson in the BBC production of Sherlock – he took leave to go to New Zealand to film The Hobbit trilogy. This is where I first saw him and loved him in that role. I look forward to seeing more of Martin in the next two Hobbit movies as well as on Sherlock. Fun!

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  1. Most interesting, neith. I’m really enjoying your analysis of the actors. I’m a Tolkien fanatic from way way back.

    I have a question for you about Virgos…I know two Virgos who have all their planets in the upper hemisphere. How does this affect them? (eh, we call one “Queen Eve” so I have some idea. hee.) well, both have all their planets but one (in both cases, Uranus) which are on the cusp of the 1st and 7th respectively. Eve has her moon in Cancer. Bear has his in Leo (he’s a performer). Eve has her planets evenly spaced across the upper hemisphere. Bear has his tightly clustered in the western quadrant.

    I currently seem to be surrounded by Virgos.

    • Hey Casey!! 😀

      I’m really enjoying your analysis of the actors. I’m a Tolkien fanatic from way way back.

      Me too . . . rereading the Tolkien books is something I do regularly. Can’t even remember when I first read them but it was probably some time in the mid-sixties. *groan*

      OK . . . those Virgos. The whole hemisphere/quadrant thing in astrology is counter-intuitive because the upper half of the chart is south & the left half is east. LOL Generally speaking those two are both more objective than subjective & since all of Eve’s personal planets are on the right hand side, she & Bear both are influenced more by other people than they may wish. Social beings both of them. Now you have a nice balance east-west w/more south than north (personal planets that is). LOL

      I’d say Uranus on the ASC pushes hard to be free & Uranus on the DES attracts/is attracted to highly independent personalities. 🙂 Does that make sense?

      xoxoxo diane~

    • You’re welcome, Alden! 😀

      I am looking forward to sitting back & enjoying every minute of the next two movies too.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  2. Yes, it does. And it’s interesting you mention balance (cuz you ARE a libra) because I’ve never been good at balance. I always go for everything obsessively (eh, Scorpio moon/mars) and don’t hold back (you know Pisces want to merge). I submerge myself in people, hobbies, books, till I almost lose myself. However, whenever I take personality/how brain works tests, my scores always say I’m exactly balanced as half intuitive/half logical. 50/50 right brain/left brain.

    I would say that Eve is a very public persona, very social, very grande dame, very Queen Eve. She used to joke that she could be sitting on the top of the Great Pyramid and someone would come up and say, “Eve ____, what are you doing here?” Because, apparently, she knows people all over the world and runs into them everywhere.

    • Oh good . . . 😀

      However, whenever I take personality/how brain works tests, my scores always say I’m exactly balanced as half intuitive/half logical. 50/50 right brain/left brain.

      Excellent place for overall problem solving because you can utilize both intuitive/holistic thinking & logical. Me, I tend to come out a little on the right brain side. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

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