Libra Weekly Horoscopes for February 18, 2013

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The pace this week is bound to be slow with Saturn in Scorpio stationing retrograde on Monday and Mercury in Pisces stationing retrograde on Saturday. Rushing around is far more likely to result in frustration than progress and a deliberate pace will be better than a fast one.

Unless you have a chart well grounded with plenty of earth, staying grounded in reality may be tricky this week. Between the Sun entering Pisces and conjoining Neptune midweek, the Saturn station and Mercury barely moving in Pisces, maintaining focus is not going to be easy. We have all the usual Mercury related challenges plus the dreaminess of Neptune’s influence. Be sure to allow extra travel time, double check critical paperwork as well as any reservations you make, listen actively to avoid missing important details and if you can reschedule, do so. For those who don’t backup their systems on a regular basis, now would be a good time . . . OK?!

Get extra sleep if you can and pay attention to your dreams . . . always a good idea with so many planets in Pisces. Disagreements could get very strange because arguments will tend to be circular and with no clear point.

Be careful out there this week and practice patience, tolerance and kindness. See you on the other side!

Aries, you are among those who need to make sure you are getting enough sleep, mainly because your unconscious is processing huge amounts of information right now. If you are feeling frustrated it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Fun, huh?

The main challenge for you right now, Taurus, is dealing with what you may feel is a serious lack of cooperation from your partner, either business or personal. Past experience has probably taught you pushing them harder can be an exercise in futility. Wait it out.

Considering having a major meltdown soon, Gemini, because of dealing with delay after delay at work? You might also have to deal with coworkers who are absent or so far behind it seems like they will never catch up. Be patient even if it kills you!

Dreams of faraway places where there are no deadlines or cranky people to deal with may fill your mind now, Cancer. If you can, make those dreams a reality. Just make sure if you do decide to travel to take extra care with all the details.

Even though you know you need to take care of important financial matters soon, Leo, this might not be the best week to do so. If you have no choice, go over all the details with someone you trust to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Take it slow and easy this week, Virgo, and review any and all information you receive with care. Conversations with your partner, either business or personal, may leave you with more questions than answers. Take some personal time if you feel you can.

Getting to work on time could be more challenging than usual, Libra, and once you get there you may have problems focusing. This may be due to disruptions in your sleep patterns that leave you feeling you aren’t getting enough rest. Do what you can to remedy this.

Are you finally feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities, Scorpio, and want to do something fun and creative for a change? Even if you don’t have the time or energy now, please make note of your better ideas to implement down the road.

Sagittarius, you are entering a period when home and family concerns may end up taking the greatest share of your time and energy. The most frustrating part of this might be a total lack of clarity about exactly what’s going on. Be patient!

It could feel like you entered the twilight zone this week, Capricorn, and I can just about guarantee you won’t like it. If you have a trusted associate, please run everything by them to make sure the information is correct. Watch out for local traffic snarls too.

Dealing with those you either get money from directly or people you give money to this week, Aquarius, could get really weird. If you don’t allow for confusion and delays, it could make matters worse. Do you have enough funds to cover the essentials?

Whilst everyone else is wandering around bumping into obstacles, Pisces, you may be swimming along agilely avoiding the worst. If anyone knows how to operate in a fog, it’s you. Be nice and make like a lighthouse for the rest of us!

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


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  1. I agree with the Aries horoscope, that is my rising sign. I’m really spaced out now from all of the Pisces planets in my 12th.

    • Good to know, AA! I know having all that action in my 3rd is fuzzing out my brain. 😛

      xoxoxo diane~

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