Guest Post: Understanding Your Aztec Horoscope


As a change of pace, here is a guest post by Dawn Fairchild on Mayan-Aztec Horoscopes. An interest in these exotic astrological systems is fitting for an Aquarius Sun with a Sagittarius Rising.

By the way, I couldn’t resist checking out my day sign and found out I’m a Deer according to the Aztec system and an Owl under the Mayan. No wonder dusk is my favorite time of day! 🙂

Most people have come to associate Aztec or Mayan with the end of the world. Interestingly enough the two cultures and calendars are not too different from each other since much of the Aztec civilization was built on what was left of the Mayan. This also means much of the Aztec calendar is derived from the Mayan calendar as well. You can find much of what you need to know about the Aztec calendar below as well as the basics for understanding how your Aztec horoscope works.

The Day Signs
The calendar is broken up into eighteen groups of twenty days each for a total of 360 days within a full Aztec year (this does not include an extra five days that are always outside of this cycle). Each of the twenty days is usually represented by an animal, similar to the sun signs that are used in Western astrology. Now a traditional Aztec year is usually 260 days using thirteen groups of twenty days but they did recognize the solar year of 360 days too.

The Day Signs are known as: Cipactli (Crocodile), Ehecatl (Wind), Calli (House), Cuetzpalin (Lizard), Coatl (Snake), Miquiztli (Death), Mazatl (Deer), Tochtli (Rabbit), Atl (Water), Itzcuintli (Dog), Ozomahtli (Monkey), Malinalli (Grass), Acatl (Reed), Ocelotl (Jaguar), Cuauhtli (Eagle), Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture), Ollin (Earthquake), Tecpatl (Knife), Quiahuitl (Rain), and Xochitl (Flower).

If you would like to know the correlation between these signs and your own birthday the best method is to use an online site that will translate and provide your day sign based on your birthday. Or you can figure it out yourself based on the calendar and a little research.


The Night Signs
The second way in which the Aztec calendar is broken up is similar to our moon cycles that do not match up with our months either. The night signs are broken into thirteen signs, each assigned to a group of twenty days with 360 days in total. These signs are just like the moon signs of western astrology and they reveal a deeper level of your personality when combined with your day sign.

The Night signs are: Atlacauallo (Departure of Water), Tlacaxipehualiztli (Flaying of Men), Tozoztontli (Little Vigil), Hueytozoztli (Great Vigil), Toxcatl (Dryness), Etzalcualiztli (Meal of Corn and Beans), Tecuilhuitontli (Small Feast of the Lords), Tlaxochimaco (Birth of Flowers), Hueymiccailhuitl (Great Feast of the Dead), Ochpaniztli (Sweeping of the Roads), Teoleco (Return of the Gods), Tepeihuitl (Feast of the Gods), Quecholli (Precious Feather), Panquetzaliztli (Raising of the Banners), Atemoztli (Lowering of Water), Tititl (Stretching), Izcalli (Resurrection).

Due to the complexity of day and night signs with little information about many of the other Aztec calendar names, often you will only come across full astrological information for your Aztec day sign. In many cases the Aztec signs are brought down to just twelve to match our own current twelve month year design. Of course there are still plenty of people that follow the original Aztec system, which includes the Lords of Night and the cycle of Venus in addition to supplying the birth week information and the mapping of the directions in correlation with your birth. Doing all of these gives an in-depth analysis, but finding someone who can combine all these elements properly can be difficult.


The Lords of Night
This is an additional nine day cycle tied into the 360 days plus five year, in which each of the nine days are ruled by a different deity. There is little information on the Mayan Lords of Night, but luckily we still have the information about the Aztec Lords of Night.

They are: Xiuhtecuhtli (Turquoise lord), Itztli (Obsidian lord), Pilzintecuhtli (Prince Lord), Centeotl (Maize lord), Mictlantecuhtli (Lord of the Underworld), Chalchiuhtlicue (Jade *female* lord), Tlazoteotl (Filth Lord), Tepeyollotl (Mountain Heart Lord), Tlaloc (Rain Lord).

These lords were each in control of one of the nine levels of the underworld and each one is meant to represent the darker aspects of your personality, such as the primal instincts that might govern you.

Venus Cycle
The Venus cycle in your Aztec horoscope can be thought of as something like the Chinese yin and yang. It often represents the duality of nature and that includes your own nature. This means it can alter your day sign based solely on whether Venus was a morning star or an evening star during the week of your birth.

You can always find further information about Maya-Aztec mythology and astrology on a variety of online sites, including and, which both include sections devoted to Aztec horoscopes.

Dawn Fairchild has been practicing holistic medicine and spiritual healing for 14 years. She is a devotee of the Sacred Feminine and a seasoned aromatherapy and Ayurveda practitioner. She also enjoys horoscope writing , and has been featured on Oranum.