Observations: Halfway there & Aries, Aries everywhere

Perfect flower for Venus in Aries

Perfect flower for Venus in Aries

© Diane Lang

Today we’re halfway through one of the most intense weeks of this year under an Aries filled sky pushing and pulling at us. We’re through the most martial phase with the Mars in Aries aspects ending and now the Aries Sun and Venus step up to take their turn poking at Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.

After today’s Libra Full Moon the physical pace may slow somewhat though when Venus hooks up with the Sun and Uranus in Aries our love lives might get livelier! Romantic liaisons may be on again, off again . . . very exciting but hard on the nerves. Saturday’s Sun-Venus inconjuncts to Saturn could take the bloom off and Sunday’s Sun-Venus squares to Pluto mark “The End”! Good relationships involve a great deal of give and take, something Aries does not always get right away, especially with Uranus in the picture. Come next week there may be more than a few sadder but wiser lovers out there.

Don’t know about the rest of my Libra readers but the need to focus whilst handling the sharp changes in speed is very, very tiring. Yesterday was typical . . . I had errands to run and just as I was heading out the door my sister calls and delays me. That meant I ran from one place to the next in order to return home in a timely manner. No spacing out right now when driving either! Too many distracted drivers out there. My fixed Scorpio Mars can handle this sort of thing but far prefers a slower, more deliberate pace as does my Mercury in Scorpio. Maintaining a high level of vigilance burns through energy in a hurry so when I’m not dashing around, I tend to sit and vegetate. Needless to say, I’m hoping for a more reasonable pace moving forward.

How is your Aries adventure going? Are you too busy to know, or can you hardly wait until this wild and crazy energy leaves?


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  1. Yes, this Aries energy can be daunting:)
    This morning I stopped by the bank to get something notarized. Well, I was accosted and asked to change the type of account I have, and so on… I hate to be rushed when it comes to financial and legal matters (being a Capricorn Rising!). I finally told the guy that it is all too much to take in and I needed more time. I am feeling the effects of this full moon…Having this many planets in Aries is definitely tough on my nerves. Meanwhile we will plod along.

    • Hi Rekha!

      Well, I was accosted and asked to change the type of account I have, and so on… I hate to be rushed when it comes to financial and legal matters (being a Capricorn Rising!). I finally told the guy that it is all too much to take in and I needed more time.

      I’m with you . . . I HATE being put in that type of situation. When approached by high pressure sales people, my automatic response is a resounding NO! 😛

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  2. My Aries adventure is WOW! For the last two days, the noise in this house has been phenomenal, and life just keeps changing direction. Master Virgo first, after weeks of planning, then stripping down to his boxers, he is told that he won’t make it in due to a sleep walking incident that happened back when he was like 5. Information they had weeks ago at his initial interview, so that was his disappointment. Good news about this energy however, is the ^&&$&*%$ you factor, he bounced back quickly after lots of family rah rah’s and boo’s. My husband and my girl are just making my head spin, as they have a lot of Aries and Gemini, so a conversation changes topic about 10 times in two minutes, and Master Cap and I just sneak off into Sonyworld (our headphones) when we can and nod, and mmmm a lot. Oh, and painting is on hold as Husband JUST tells me on Wednesday, that the wedding I thought he had next weekend, is this Saturday, and he already has two weddings to edit. So yes, inner OCD had to be released and he is going to focus on his couples before our walls jeeez. He will do a great job but an Aries time management skills are fascinating!

    phew, exhausted just writing it out and that is just two days!

  3. You’ve nailed. A state of high vigilance is exhausting. And with this level of tension in the air, hopefully now pricked by the Moon now ebbing off ‘FULL’– it’s hard not to be a bit tense. Thinking about what is going on emotionally is exhausting. My Venus is at 8º of Aries and I spent most of yesterday afternoon with a friend whose Sun is 8º of Aries. I think we cancelled things out. We certainly laughed a lot. But I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up –‘ping’ at 3.

  4. I would like to put my hand in a blender right now. Apparently I am the center of the gossip mill in a group of friends and with my 12th house mars I’d rather be flayed alive than have my sex life discussed. I’m not enjoying this week at all.

  5. I am doing quite well and enjoying the “I gotta do it now” aspect of Aries. This stellium is in my 5th house and with no children, hilarious social life or partying, I’m looking at a renewed closeness with my husband after 4 very difficult years. Libra opposes in my 11th so maybe this full moon is an ending to all that. Also, I left behind a few toxic friendships in the hopes of seeing life from a more positive perspective. I wouldn’t say this week has been a ball of fire, just a lot more serene. I think Saturn now transiting my 12th after being in my sun sign Libra, is finally giving me my rewards for fulfilling my tasks and persevering. Diane, you sad it would take time and patience.

  6. Hmm, maybe my upstairs neighbors (woman in her 60s, daughter 40-ish) will stop screaming at each other as they did much of the day yesterday. Oy. I don’t get direct hits from the Uranus-Pluto aspects, but I’m thinking they must be! Plus the Full Moon.

    I’m happy I didn’t overbook this week so I have time to finish up some work things and plan and begin to pack for my upcoming trip, leaving Saturday AM. My recent lunar return chart is jam-packed in the 9th house – Sun conjunct Venus (nice for traveling with friends) but Mars conjunct Uranus (well, will try to be careful!).

  7. I just feel exhausted. I think all that treading water was tiring an now Aries says move it. Well I may need a guy on a speedboat to pick me up..I’m knackered! x

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