Observations: Loving Venus in Taurus



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On Monday Venus leaves dry, fiery Aries for one of its comfort zones, Taurus. In traditional astrology, Venus is considered the ruler of Taurus as well as Libra (though my personal preference for Taurus’ ruler is Earth). In any case, she thoroughly enjoys her annual visit to this laid back, sensual sign.

Celebrate Venus in Taurus with a nice leisurely meal which must include a delightful dessert . . . something chocolate would be appropriate. Place lovely, fragrant flowers about the house or, if it’s warm enough, open the windows to allow fresh air in. Break out the massage oils and exchange foot massages with your sweetheart. Most importantly relax for awhile.

Venus changing signs mark the beginning of a shift from a cardinal fire dominated sky to one where fixed earth and water set the tone. Like the dramatic shift from Pisces to Aries in March, we’ll be experiencing something similar as first Venus, and then the Sun and Mars enter Taurus within a six day period. Earth and water signs are sure to love this. They’ve been rather uncomfortable with all the loud rhetoric and generally pushy Aries dominated atmosphere. With a certain amount of grumbling fire folk will adjust because even they need a break from the headlong pace of the past month. As a Libra with lots of water in her chart I am more than ready for a calmer, more sedate pace!

Neptune in Pisces will sweeten Venus’ mood next week pleasing almost everyone. It will be the following week on 22 April when Saturn in Scorpio will oppose Venus encouraging lovers to consider the rewards of commitment. A trine to Pluto in Capricorn occurs the next day . . . excellent for adding passion to the mix.

There are practically no drawbacks to Venus’ passage through Taurus this year. Unlike her stay in Aries where Venus was agitated by her conjunction with Mars and Uranus plus her square to Pluto, this Venus plays nicely with the outer planets. The impulsiveness of Aries gives way to a more deliberate approach allowing us to enjoy the sweetness of life. Taurus and Libras are going to love it! Both signs prefer peace and tranquility over lots of fireworks. Please spend some time meandering around smelling the flowers . . . it will soothe your soul.


4 responses to “Observations: Loving Venus in Taurus

    • Sunflower!! 😀

      We Libras stand a good chance of enjoying the heck out Venus’s stay in Taurus. A LOT less aggravating than Venus in Aries. 🙂

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  1. Diane,

    This venus transit visits my 6th house. As I am looking for a new job, I was hoping it would be a plus for me. However, transiting SN is there also opposing NN node in the 12th and will be for about another year. A month after the SN came into my 6th is when I lost my job, so I’m not very positive about this Venus in Taurus.

    • Hi Linda!
      This venus transit visits my 6th house. As I am looking for a new job, I was hoping it would be a plus for me.

      Hmmmm . . . the last couple of weeks in April when Venus in Taurus is trine your MC and natal Saturn look the best. The Sun & Mars will do the same during the first couple of weeks in May. That’s a lot of activity connecting your 6th with your 10th house. Best of luck! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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