Observations: What’s the deal with Eclipses?

Solar Eclipse © Fotomak | Dreamstime.com

Eclipses are one of the more powerful visual events that occur in our sky. Small wonder the ancient peoples regarded them with awe . . . I sure do. I still vividly recall the one total Solar Eclipse I experienced many years ago and I hope everyone has the same opportunity. Lunar Eclipses are wonderful to view but don’t inspire the same degree of awe. There is nothing quite like watching the sky go dark and the stars appear in the middle of the day.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° 51′ Scorpio will be followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19° 33′ is pair of eclipses will affect you. By the way there will be a total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio November 3!

Different astrologers vary widely as to how much weight to give eclipses. Some suggest the effects of an eclipse can be felt for up to six months. If you are interested in learning more about them one of the better articles I’ve read on eclipses is by Susan Miller – How to deal with Eclipses: 9 Points. I see their impact as similar to an outer planet station with the greatest effect happening a few days before and after but I haven’t devoted much time to tracking them in my life either.

Are eclipses scary? Not necessarily. Just like any other major transit a lot depends on where the eclipse lands in your chart, if it aspects natal personal planets by conjunction, square or opposition and what natal aspect patterns are triggered. Serious predictive astrologers (which I am not) use eclipses routinely. Bernadette Brady has studied them and discusses eclipse cycles in her book on predictive astrology – Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark

One of the reasons I don’t dwell too much on eclipses personally is because I prefer not to tie myself into knots worrying over “what ifs”. Like many other twelfth house people I have a vivid imagination and what works best for me is living as much in the present as possible. Tracking the outer planet transits is enough for me. Hey, I’ve survived Pluto conjoining all my personal planets, Midheaven and Ascendant . . . that’s enough for me!

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In order to make it simpler for me to offer feedback on your chart in the comment section I would appreciate it if you could send me your birth data using the form on my Personal Reports page. I am a visual person and it is much easier for me to see patterns looking at a regular chart . . . not to mention faster. Thanks!


One response to “Observations: What’s the deal with Eclipses?

  1. Yeah they give me ‘what if jitters’ for sure. I do the 8th house worrying 🙂 It would be so so good to be pleasantly surprised. x

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