Libra Weekly Horoscopes for April 22, 2013

Taurus © kimsol

Taurus season has arrived! It is time to shift gears and get used to a more deliberate pace because Taurus refuses to be rushed. Since Mars in Taurus is traveling with the Sun these days provoking the Bull could have regrettable consequences. Once he gets mad he won’t cool down for awhile. You don’t want to get in his way either because you might get trampled. Fortunately sweet Venus is also in Taurus and can sooth tempers with a gentle touch. Neptune in Pisces adds a note of compassion sextile the Sun-Mars conjunction. Very fortunate in this instance!

Speaking of Venus . . . she will oppose Saturn in Scorpio on Monday, be trine to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday and sextile Chiron in Pisces on Thursday. These are not exactly light-hearted planets but very good for taking a serious approach to love and romance. Commitments may be easier to make at this time and once made will likely endure. If you are considering marriage these are excellent aspects for that.

We also have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio this week that may reveal more about our relationships than we might want to know. With the majority of the planets in earth and water signs, we are best served by taking a pragmatic approach to problem solving rather than an idealistic one. Excellent time to review those projects we started during Aries season to determine what is working and dispense with what is not. The waxing opposition between the Taurus Sun and Saturn in Scorpio underscores the need for practical solutions.

For the fire and air contingent there is one bright spot – Mercury in Aries will be sextile Jupiter in Gemini on Tuesday. Spontaneity, good humor and fascinating free-wheeling discussions are inspired by this sextile, creating a nice balance to all that weighty Taurus action. *grin*

After we adjust to the Taurus inspired priorities this looks to be a pleasant week. If it is spring time in your area, look at the beautiful flowers or, better yet, plant some in your yard or in pots on a sunny window sill. Enjoy the small things that can make our lives sweet.

To get another perspective for the week, check out Karen’s Weekly Tarot for this week on Isis Moon Tarot.

Lots going in your mind now, Aries, and overall you may be feeling pretty upbeat. This means it could be a very good time to come up with bright ideas for improving the old cash flow. Also good for contemplating what you truly value.

“Smug” might be a good term to apply to you these days, Taurus! If you are happy with yourself and your life, it is likely due to your own efforts and ability to know a good deal when you see one. Celebrate!

Even though you know you need to take time to sort out some self-defeating behaviors, Gemini, that probably won’t happen this week . . . too many interesting distractions. What you likely will end up doing is sitting down with your circle of friends to chat.

Brainstorming with your boss may be very productive at this time, Cancer, and your opinion is valued so don’t hesitate to offer them. It is the desire to get out and socialize with friends, peers and other congenial folk that holds more appeal.

Sharing tales from your travels with friends could be high on your list of things to do, Leo. That’s fine as long as you remain clear about your career priorities. For the next few weeks putting serious time and effort into your career takes precedence.

There is a possibility you could see a positive breakthrough when it comes to your work goals, Virgo, perhaps through some kind words from your accountant or banker. If you have the urge to take time for advanced studies now is a great time for that too.

You always appreciate a well deserved compliment, Libra, and coming from your significant other even more so. A few of those may be coming your way this week. Hopefully the less frantic pace now will give your poor nerves a rest. Less stress please.

Productive discussions with your partner, either business or personal, might be on tap this week, Scorpio. This is an excellent time to go over joint financial matters and perhaps make sure your schedules are coordinated. Set aside time to have fun too.

Spending time with your significant other, enjoying good conversation and a few laughs will probably be at the top of your list, Sagittarius. That’s OK as long as you make a real commitment to getting health issues addressed too. You can’t ignore them much longer.

A much more pleasant week ahead for you, Capricorn. You’ve had your ups and downs where family is concerned lately and you’re ready to enjoy life for awhile. It is time to reintroduce yourself to your inner child and learn how to play once more.

It may surprise some who don’t know you well, Aquarius, but you can be a real homebody and that is where your heart will be for the next few weeks. Invite some close friends over. Their input may spark your creative side.

You have a surprisingly practical mind, Pisces, despite your reputation for drifting off into la la land occasionally. This side of you really emerges now making it an excellent time to take care of business. Surprise people with a display of decisiveness.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


7 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for April 22, 2013

    • so good diane <3, <3. hope have a litlle cudlle this week 😀

      Wonderful! 😀 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  1. Ah, Mars in Taurus – reminded me that my Mars return is coming up end of May. The Mars return chart has a pileup in my 10th, with Mars conjunct my MC and then Gemini Sun, Venus/Jupiter, and Mercury in the 10th. Guess I have my work cut out for me! Still, happy to have Aries season behind me (and pMoon moving away from my Uranus/pUranus energy as well). Taurus is much more compatible with all of my earth planets. 🙂

    • Hey Les!
      Ah, Mars in Taurus – reminded me that my Mars return is coming up end of May. The Mars return chart has a pileup in my 10th, with Mars conjunct my MC and then Gemini Sun, Venus/Jupiter, and Mercury in the 10th.

      Whether or not Mars Returns are something to look forward depend on natal Mars aspects. Since you have a natal Sun-Mars trine that helps! 🙂 Also like that Gemini stellium trine your 3rd House North Node . . . good for Mercury ruled Virgo.

      Heh, Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus on Beltane this year! Good sign. LOL

      xoxoxoxo diane~

      • Oh yes, nice trine from that Gemini stellium! (I’ll just try to ignore Saturn Rx on my IC… :-)) I’ll also have pSun conjunct pJupiter then, and in the midst of my pMoon conjunct natal Ascendant and Moon. Lots happening!

  2. Enjoyed the Merc-Jup sextile (suddenly found myself explaining the concept of Jung’s synchronicity, and being really appreciated for it 🙂
    Full Moon in Scorpio, close to natal Uranus (ruler of ASC) turned out real well, actually because he got his role to play: since a long time I was out of my house and daily problems, because I was on a little holiday! So everything was *different* which made me feel real good! I hope I can keep this positiviy going, now I am home again.

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