Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 13, 2013

gemini© Gemini by Mila Losenko

The next step in the transition to Gemini occurs this week when Mercury leaves matter of fact Taurus for its home sign of Gemini. Lively, curious and changeable are all descriptive of Mercury in Gemini who uses words better than anyone as a smoke screen to veil its true intentions. Mercury makes its move on Wednesday.

Both Neptune and Saturn are busy boys this week, one of them offering enticements and the other following up with sharp reality checks. It is Venus in Gemini’s turn at the beginning of the week to square Neptune in Pisces one day and then inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio the next. On Saturday Mercury in Gemini will repeat those aspects. If we don’t maintain a healthy skepticism we might end up feeling rather bruised.

Uranus in Aries flirts pleasurably with Venus on Saturday via a sextile. Given the bumpy ride Mercury is in for the same day, I strongly suggest keeping your romantic encounters light and breezy. As I said . . . a “healthy skepticism”.

The sky is short on fire right now with only Uranus in Aries representing that element. Fire signs will get a lift when the Moon is in lordly Leo from late Wednesday thru late Friday. Air signs are enjoying the gradual influx of planets into Gemini whilst earth and water folk have plenty of support.

Be aware this is the week leading up to the first exact Uranus-Pluto square of 2013 on 20 May at 11° 13′. There is a feeling of underlying tension thrumming in the background right now.

Still a good week to deal with practicalities as the Sun finishes its journey through Taurus. Personally I’m enjoying having a more balanced sky with the addition of Venus and Mercury in Gemini. These cycles when we have a heavy preponderance in one sign are not comfortable for this Libra person.

Though you are not usually much for tact and diplomacy, Aries, you may find it easier to use this week, much to the relief of your Libra friends. However you best stick with your “honest to a fault” approach. Anything else won’t fly.

As much as you love a good bargain, Taurus, fudging the facts to get one could get you into trouble. You likely have a reputation for being unusually good at assessing value so don’t risk losing that. Your partner will set you straight.

The charm offensive begins this week in earnest for you, Gemini! It may be tempting to spread it on a little too thick but please do your best to maintain some decorum. Save your best lines for play time rather than on the job.

When it comes to love and romance now, Cancer, you might be plagued by doubts and fears. There is a very good chance those have no basis in reality and are only night fears. Have an honest conversation to dispel these uncertainties.

Your interest in hitting the social scene picks up this week, Leo, though please continue to devote the majority of your attention to your career. Obligations to family members could interfere with your desire to get out and start networking with your peers.

Staying focused and on task could be challenging this week, Virgo, particularly when dealing with your boss or other authority figures. Your partner might be part of the problem or at the very least, a distraction. Don’t beat yourself up too much over any missteps, OK?

Dreaming about taking a vacation and getting away from it all, Libra? Better check and make sure you can afford to before calling a travel agent. This is one of those when escaping temporarily into a good book or movie might be a wiser idea.

Once again you might find yourself having to be the voice of cold reason, Scorpio. It’s a role you’ve found yourself in a lot in recent months and it’s not going to end any time soon. This time may have to do with joint finances.

Dealings with your significant other might get tricky this week, Sagittarius. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes or evade the truth through slight of tongue. Find out what is really going on and hold them accountable. Weekend could be an emotional roller coaster ride.

You might unintentionally be misleading in your communications this week, Capricorn, especially when talking with coworkers. It is one of those times when taking a few moments to verify your facts before laying them out would be a good idea. Underlying tensions with family intensify too.

If you happen to end up meeting someone you are attracted to now, Aquarius, it would be a good idea to apply a large measure of that healthy skepticism I mentioned above. Rather than jump in with both feet, keep it light.

Dealings with your extended family are where you may get into trouble this week, Pisces. In order to avoid confrontations you might be tempted to tell a little white lie or two. Please don’t because it may backfire on you and make matters worse.

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