Announcement: A New Offering!

6th-10th cover cropped

The beginning of Gemini season seems like a great time for me to offer the first booklet of a compilation of my posts. This one is titled “Using the Rulers of the Sixth House & Tenth Houses in your Job Search”. It is available in three different formats: pdf, Mobi (Kindle) and Epub(Nook).

Putting this together turned out to be far more challenging than I had thought it would be . . . isn’t that often the case? First step was editing the posts and I was reminded why there is such a thing as editors. Amazing what we can miss even the second or third time through. Then I went through the process of learning how to format for ebooks which also turned out to be far more complicated than I had planned on. I ended up downloading several different bits of free software including Open Office and calibre. After lots of muttering and hair pulling I managed to make it work. Hopefully the next project on synastry will go more smoothly. 😀

So here’s the deal. The booklet alone is $1.99. The booklet plus a copy of your natal chart with the rulers of your sixth and tenth houses highlighted is $4.99. I am considering offering a targeted report on aspects to the rulers and important transits too for those who are interested.

Here’s how to order – use the “Donate” button to pay and the form below to order specifying your preferred format. Type “Booklet” in the subject line and add your preferred format in the message section. If you want the copy of your natal chart with highlighted rulers, please fill out the section for your birth data (date, time & place). Thanks!

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6 responses to “Announcement: A New Offering!

  1. ok I think I missed how to pay. I sent an e-mail can you send me an invoice. 🙂 Did you get an email from me?

    • Hi Debbie!

      There is a “donate” button below the post you can click for paying w/PayPal. Of course I can send you an invoice too . . . 🙂

      xoxoxo diane~

    • Hi Brex!

      You don’t need a PayPal acct to use it . . . just a credit card. I use it because it is widely accepted world wide and handles all those differences in currencies. Godsend for little folks like myself. 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

      • ok. I think I did it. You have my info.:) If you decide to do a transit aspect report…keep me posted.

  2. I don’t have a credit card too! 🙂 Not enough credit 😉 Will wait until I have one. XXX

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