Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 27, 2013



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Don’t beat yourself up if you want to enjoy life this week. The intensity of last week’s Uranus-Pluto square plus the residual of the third eclipse is still reverberating through the atmosphere and it’s OK to need a break from that . . . unless you have lots of Scorpio and thrive on it.

The Gemini Sun starts off the week making a grumpy inconjunct to Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn has a way of reminding Gemini to keep their facts straight. On the weekend the Sun gets the same treatment from Pluto in Capricorn before Uranus in Aries comes to its rescue. Uranus in Aries sextile the Gemini Sun is marvelous for coming up with all sorts of unusual, irreverent facts. Air and fire folk will be in seventh heaven!

Mercury and Venus are traveling with Mr. Upbeat himself, Jupiter, in lively Gemini this week. First Mercury and then Venus will conjoin him on Monday and Tuesday. Bright, cheerful and far-ranging conversations will be encouraged. This stellium can also be described as full of hot air. The truth may get embellished in the name of entertaining story telling.

Mars will be leaving calm, determined Taurus for the bright lights of Gemini on Friday, shortly after Mercury leaves Gemini for intuitive, sensitive Cancer. Venus will join Mercury in Cancer on Sunday. Whilst mental Gemini will still be represented by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter, we will benefit from the emotional intelligence of having more watery Cancer in the sky. Personally I prefer a sky with a better balance of elements and signs probably to no one’s surprise. In recent months we’ve lurched from one preponderance to another so this is a welcome change.

You water signs can look forward to Mercury and Venus in Cancer bringing some relief to what has been a rather parched atmosphere. These two will reintroduce awareness of and sensitivity to people’s feelings again. We haven’t had much support in that regard since Pisces season.

The natives are restless this week and really truly want to break out and play. As long as we get our work done on time and don’t neglect our responsibilities, surely we can schedule in some rest and relaxation, right?

You might give in to the temptation to embellish the facts a little early this week, Aries, and justify it by telling yourself it is what is necessary to get your point across. This may be true but it’s a fine line.

If you’ve been angling for a raise you might get it this week, Taurus! Or at the very least a solid promise of improving income which will improve your mood. Consider giving close friends or relatives a call this weekend and catch up with them.

Gemini, you should be able to charm the socks off all you come in contact with this week! Quick comebacks and witty remarks will fly off your tongue and you will have them rolling in the aisles. Please don’t stretch the truth too much . . .

Sweet rewards may come your way, Cancer, from someone who operates behind the scenes. Whether or not you choose to share this information is up to you. Life perks up for you starting late in the week in part because you may start feeling better about yourself.

Well deserved recognition for your selfless contributions to your favorite cause may be in the offing early in the week, Leo. Turn on your most charming smile and thank those who made this possible. Later in the week you might start considering stepping back for awhile.

I have my fingers crossed the hard work you’ve put into your career goals will pay off now, Virgo. Given you are usually a hard worker who seldom draws attention to the fact it’s about time there was a payoff for you!

The recent influx of mental energy has been very good for you, Libra, and you will be happy to know it continues most of this week. It’s been great stretching your intellectual “muscles” once again. Career concerns may start demanding more attention soon.

You may feel like someone is using heavy-handed sales techniques this week, Scorpio, and your first reaction might be to tell them “no, clearly, unequivocally NO”. In this case you may choose to overlook this because you might want what is being sold.

What a great time to enjoy your partner, Sagittarius! Right now they should be lots of fun to be around – full of good humor and lively conversation. Make the most of this now because all too soon your attention will shift to more practical concerns.

Use a light touch when discussing scheduling issues with your coworkers this week, Capricorn, and all should go smoothly. You would be wise to plan on a little extra time because everyone will have more to say than usual. Relax with your partner on the weekend.

Early this week you may have a burst of creative genius, Aquarius, and if you do, make darn good and sure you take notes. Having to work within limitations is a necessary evil right now. You’ll understand why it is important to respect those later.

You may have the pleasure of being reminded why you love your family this week, Pisces. They can be a little frivolous and light-minded on occasion but their smiles always light up your life. Relax and enjoy yourself on the weekend.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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  1. Definitely taking it easy this week lol after last week’s surprise Interesting 6th house journey so far for me with planets…yep ? Ordered a new bed today a residual from the Taurus 4th house eclipse ha ha. Lets see what 11th house sag gives me in the next few weeks! xoxKaz

    • Hey Kaz! 😀

      Oooh, a new bed! Happy 12th Moon because you will sleep better. Twelfth house people can be sad, sad souls without enough quality rest. Enjoy! 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. no not question marks should be suns lol to show I’m happy on a good nights sleep lol xox

    • LOL!!! Not all symbols work here . . . something I’ve been very frustrated by too. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

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