Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 3, 2013

lupin in soft light © Diane Lang

For the most part this week starts off on a mellow note with Mercury in Cancer forming a Grand Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on Monday. Lean on this pattern to ease tensions and avoid trampling on people’s feelings. The Saturn-Neptune trine will be in place most of June with Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Cancer completing the Grand Trine at different times. In July, Jupiter in Cancer steps up and takes its place.

Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon in earthy Taurus brings more earth to the sky, something in short supply right now. This is good for helping everyone stay focused on the practicalities and the calm, steady energy will be soothing. Do take care of the important stuff on these days because by Friday it may be crazy again.

Friday is potentially chaotic with plenty of action in the sky. Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde that day whilst part of the Grand Trine with Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. We can be very grateful for that because Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and is making a waxing square to Uranus in Aries (exact on Saturday). Mars in Gemini is inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio and is resentful as all get out. He had big plans and Saturn squashed them. Adding to the confusion is a debilitating Mars- Neptune square.

Saturday is the New Moon in Gemini with its stressful dualities. The harshest aspect though is Mercury in Cancer exactly square Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Cancer can take things personally and will be feeling rubbed raw by Uranus. Please do your very best to practice kindness, tact and compassion, especially when dealing with family members. We all know who really is good at pushing our buttons, right?

Gemini’s duality is on display this week between the soothing Grand Trine and belligerence of the T-Square. Those folks who have planets or Angles at 10° to 11° in Libra complete a Grand Cross with the T-Square planets likely adding stress to their day. Those who have personal planets or Angles from 5° to 6° in the water signs can benefit from the Grand Trine and could be cast in the role of peace makers.

This would be a good week to practice curbing your tendency to speak first and think later, Aries. Your words may have sharper edges than you realize and may inadvertently cause unintended pain to those you love. Count to twenty or more maybe?

Unlike Aries, your ability to express warmth and appreciation will be working quite well, Taurus. You may not always use words but in your case actions speak loudly indeed. Your partner will be right there helping you in your efforts to spread good will.

Your already high energy levels continue to climb, Gemini, and one good place to focus all that drive is your career. This is an excellent time to take your most creative ideas and make them a reality. Set aside time every day for this purpose.

For the next three weeks, Cancer, you have an extra reserve of charm to tap into. Put a smile on your face and allow others to see the gentle, caring person you are at heart. Please choose kind words rather than cutting ones, OK?

An upbeat mood prevails in your life, Leo, along with an interest in socializing with like-minded friends. The fly in the ointment for you may come from people talking behind your back at work. Keep your chin up and shine them on!

Not much will distract you from doing your best to meet work related demands, Virgo, and that’s for the best. Over the weekend take care to be tactful if you get into a discussion about money and how it is being spent.

There are few things that make you more uncomfortable than feeling you are caught in the middle of a feud between your family and your partner, Libra, yet the potential is out there. Reduce your stress by taking mental “vacations” via books or movies.

This time of year, Scorpio, you can find yourself reviewing your life to decide what goes and what stays. The impulse to ruthlessly rearrange all your daily routines needs to be tempered some by practical concerns. Listen to your heart as well as your head.

Your one-on-one relationships may begin to get more demanding, Sagittarius, and ignoring those will probably not be an option. There might be fireworks on the weekend that leave you wondering what you did. Spoke out of turn or flirted with the wrong person?

Far better to draw on your emotional intelligence than pure intellect this week, Capricorn, when discussing issues with your significant other and other family members. The last thing you want is for anyone to take things too personally and react with righteous anger.

Frankly, Aquarius, you might be better off taking time off to play this week because attempts to talk things over with coworkers may not work out so well. If they end up with hurt feelings and decide to appeal to higher ups, it could be bad.

Family is still front and center for you, Pisces, for better or worse. Tempers may be short at this time and it could be up to you to sooth hurt feelings and spread good will. Creative ways to do so will come easily now.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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2 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 3, 2013

  1. The flowers look lovely Diane against such a spacious, luscious green backdrop! You’ve been busy no doubt, and it’s paid off. Saturn and Neptune are both sextiling my sun at 5 Capricorn and I have very important decision to make concerning my career and public standing on Thursday / Friday this week. I do have lots of Libra / Venus and prefer not to rock the boat – the new role however would plunge me into ‘isolation at the top’ territory – How can I best utilize the Saturn / Neptune trine in this situation?
    Thank you for any words of wisdom.
    Judy M

    • Hi Judy!
      Saturn and Neptune are both sextiling my sun at 5 Capricorn and I have very important decision to make concerning my career and public standing on Thursday / Friday this week. I do have lots of Libra / Venus and prefer not to rock the boat – the new role however would plunge me into ‘isolation at the top’ territory

      One of the reasons Capricorn can be effective at the top is because they are aware of how they got there and the people they met on the way up. If Saturn & Neptune are sextile your Sun, then Venus opposes it creating a Kite Pattern with Venus as the “arrow”. Very promising for remembering what is really important . . . treating others w/kindness and compassion.

      Good Luck! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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