Full Moon in Capricorn, June 23, 2013

Family Tree by Norman Rockwell

Family Tree by Norman Rockwell

Is it time to examine our concepts about family? This Full Moon at 02° 10′ Capricorn on 23 June 2013, 04:32 AM PDT presents us with a wonderful opportunity to think about the people who are a part of our families, both by blood and in spirit. This Full Moon is unique because the Moon rules Cancer, further emphasizing the connection between the Sun and Moon.

The Grand Trine in water signs expands into a Kite Pattern with the lunar axis running through it. The Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio form the Grand Trine with the Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune and Saturn making it a Kite. This is what astrologer Nicholas Campion says about this pattern:

“All three planets in a grand trine are connected to a fourth planet, one by an opposition and the other two by sextiles. This is useful combination of tense and harmonious aspects in which the two planets connected by trines and sextiles provide outlets for the tension of the opposition.”

The Kite is much more dynamic than the Grand Trine due to the opposition, in this case the lunar axis. The Cancer Sun is the focal point for the other three planets and the reason I feel family is the overriding theme of this lunation.

When we think of family, it is our blood relatives we think of first. However as we grow up and move out into the world we begin to connect to other people who can become our chosen family. Most of us move back and forth between these groups over the course of our lives.

On one hand, Neptune in Pisces encourages us to stretch our familial boundaries to include those with whom we share a spiritual connection. Saturn in Scorpio, on the other hand, prefers to be more discriminating. Due to the harmonious nature of the trine between these planets, it is possible to choose our new family wisely. For instance, I have met many people thru the internet over the years I feel surprising close to and with whom I have excellent synastry . . . my cyber-family! I bet I’m far from the only person who feels that way either.

Venus and Mercury are still conjoined in Cancer, adding sensitivity and warmth to conversations. This conjunction rides out the lunation on its own and in this case is a good thing. Those who have planets and Angles from 22° to 24° in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will benefit the most. If you need to mend fences with mom or dad, this is a good time to do so.

Mars in Gemini is very widely sextile to Uranus in Aries so the sparks this aspect is generating are beginning to sputter out. With less fuel to egg him on, Mars will be less of an irritant thankfully.

The Uranus-Pluto square is still within orb but the worst of the stridency has faded somewhat. Unless you have planets or Angles from 10° to 12° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), you probably won’t feel this square on a personal level. The mundane effects do roll on . . . as one can see in the news cycle.

Cardinal energy dominates this Full Moon with more earth and water than fire and air, a fertile combination. We may think of starting a family or reconnecting with extended family members we haven’t seen in awhile. Follow your heart in these matters and you probably won’t go wrong. Spread a little kindness around!

On a personal note: It is a mixed bag for me as is always the case when planets are in Cancer because they square my Libra planets and are trine my Scorpio ones. This time Mercury-Venus in Cancer square my Libra Sun-Chiron whilst trine my Mercury-ASC in Scorpio. The Kite planets harmoniously connect to my natal twelfth house Jupiter in Scorpio, all to the good. “Bittersweet” is how this usually works out! 😀

The one great aspect is Jupiter in Gemini exactly trine my 29° Libra Sun! I happen to know several of you have your Sun at 29° too, so hopefully you’ll be getting Jupiter’s kisses! Enjoy!


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  1. My asc is 4 degs, so I guess it’s a 12/1 house full moon?
    Perhaps something 12 housey affecting 1st. I know my 8th house sun is 29 degs I guess with everything at the moment I just think WTF? 🙂 Good karma lol and I’ll accept the kissy bits to! xoxox

    • Hey Kaz!

      My asc is 4 degs, so I guess it’s a 12/1 house full moon?

      This looks like a very good Full Moon for you, lots of kisses though you may have to tune into your Cappy Rising side rather than your fire side. Mercury-Venus conj your natal Venus, Jupiter sextile your Sun, NNode conj your MC and the general feeling of good will from the Grand Trine funneled into your ASC-DES axis. Remember 7th house types include all committed relationships such as lifelong friends, business partners, counselors and worthy adversaries. Another way to look at this Full Moon, is it marks the start of Jupiter transiting your 7th house. 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  2. My ASC is at 24′ Scorpio and this full moon hits my 2nd house. As far as the family thing, I hope to concentrate on my friends and what few relatives I have left. My in laws have produced one on going problem after another as they have no common sense or understanding of reality. As Jupiter approaches my 8th house Cancer, it is time to concentrate on the personal. It may sound selfish, but after the last 4 years I’ve experienced, I’m still standing and that is thanks to ME.

    • Hi Linda!
      As Jupiter approaches my 8th house Cancer, it is time to concentrate on the personal. It may sound selfish, but after the last 4 years I’ve experienced, I’m still standing and that is thanks to ME.

      That is fitting with your North Node in Aries! Learning how to go it alone is what the North Node in Aries is all about. Uranus is going to conjoin your NN in a year (June 2014).

      xoxoxoxo diane~

      • Something important career wise may happen this week and during this past year you have given me great hope for the future….not thrilled that its Mercury retro time though.

  3. I’m wondering if the Moon (the people/public) illuminating Pluto in Capricorn will shine some additional light on surveillance and power that we’re hearing so much about. Really wish I had paid attention when Lutin warned about surveillance with respect to the ingress of Pluto into Cap.

    • Hey Joe! 😀

      Really wish I had paid attention when Lutin warned about surveillance with respect to the ingress of Pluto into Cap.

      Heh, Mikey is a damn good astrologer. 😀 I guess I’m surprised at how many people are just now realizing this has been going on & are outraged about it. After all, Pluto is in Capricorn in the natal chart for this country. There has ALWAYS been many many secrets & power struggles happening behind the scenes. *sigh*

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  4. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. This Full Moon is right in the middle of my MC and ASC, sextiles natal Uranus and progressed Venus. Eleventh house is the place (therefore 5th house must play a role, too). Actually I don’t know what to expect! Though all the positive news about Sun conjunct Jupiter, making it BIG, I personally think Pluto is too close by to ignore. Something BIG is not always something nice.
    Because of my 11th house where the moon will be enlightened, can I really dream or wish? Maybe my wishes are a little too big…. 😉 or maybe I have too much to wish for, finding out my career, finding my true one, finding a better place to live… sigh…
    Funny thing is, at the new moon (two week ago) I made a wish!
    I wished for “a present of life”, something I could love very much, something especially for me.
    I am really curious how this could turn out, because the moon is not full yet…

    • Hi Brex!

      5th – 11th can be about enjoying life and socializing more. Maybe you will find more reasons to get out and mingle! Perhaps you will meet someone who makes you laugh. Jupiter’s stay in Cancer looks generally very favorable for you. 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  5. O, forgot to say (I tend to make my Taurus Moon bigger than my Capricorn Sun…) my Sun’s at 3 degrees Cap, so there must be some light shining on me 🙂

    • Good god. I have SO much family stuff going on! I’m exhausted!

      LOL! I’m having my dad & sister here for lunch today (his birthday is Tuesday) and my Aries hubby is making his presence felt (Mars in Gemini transiting my 7th). Here’s to more peace & quiet! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  6. It really strange i started reading all this stuff that going to happen in my life but not thing ever does .I am born on the 12 January 1984.That make me a Capricorn , it said that the full moon on the 23 June 2013 will be some big life changing event for me.But the truth is i really don’t believe anything is going to happen… And that a dam shame…..

    • Welcome Roseta!

      From what I can tell it is the Grand Trine in water that affects your chart & Grand Trines are notoriously laid back. Unlike squares which tend to make us so uncomfortable we are often forced to make changes, Grand Trines simply make suggestions. You have both your Sun & Moon in earth (Moon in Taurus) with only your Sun & Mercury in cardinal Capricorn, the rest in fixed & mutable. This suggests you tend to go with the flow rather than initiating change. 🙂

      xoxo diane~

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