Observations: It’s Cancer Season!

Cancer© Heidi

The summer solstice is here and that means it is officially Cancer season once again. And a very damp one it will be with at least five planets in water signs the whole time. The Cancer Sun, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will be there for starters and Jupiter will enter Cancer on 25 June. Mercury will remain in Cancer the entire time because it will be retrograde for three weeks starting 26 June. Venus starts out in Cancer but shifts into dramatic Leo on 27 June whilst Mars will be in Gemini until 13 July before moving into Cancer.

You water sign folk are going to enjoy this very much. There hasn’t been this much water in the sky since Pisces season last March and you are due for a good deep soak. Water doesn’t bother earth signs either . . . they grab their boots and keep on trucking. It is the fire and air signs who are going to feel the damp the most. Water puts fire out and when air gets saturated the fog sets in. Venus in Leo ought to brighten things some for fire folk and as long as Mars is in Gemini, it will help keep the fog at bay for air signs.

Between the Mercury retrograde and the wonderful Grand Trine in July, it would behoove everyone to move more slowly and rediscover simple pleasures. Meditate, take long leisurely strolls in beautiful settings and review our inner landscape for a change. Getting reacquainted with our intuitive side is a good idea too . . . it is usually more accurate anyway. Time for the mental chatter of Gemini to die away!


3 responses to “Observations: It’s Cancer Season!

    • Hi Cita! 😀

      i would like to be quiet but i have so much to do… 😦

      Jupiter in Gemini is just now leaving your 7th house & will soon no longer be opposing your natal Jupiter. Hopefully that will slow things down some for you.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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