Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 24, 2013

mid summer evening© Diane Lang

A week of transitions is ahead with Jupiter making its ingress into Cancer, Venus leaving Cancer for Leo and on Wednesday, 26 June, Mercury in Cancer stations retrograde at 23° 06′. All of these changes will require flexibility and patience. Take the long way home and think before speaking.

I’m sure there are plenty of you are looking forward to a marked decrease in noise levels when Jupiter leaves wordy Gemini for the waters of Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and for much of July will be part of a Grand Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Nurturing yourself and those you care for will be the focus in the days ahead.

Mercury is already at a virtual standstill and anything the little planet touches is demanding extra attention. In Cancer, Mercury is less articulate and requires using our emotional intelligence to determine the message. What is not being said may be more important than what is said. Unlike Mercury in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer leans towards the subjective and during the retrograde we might need to work harder to maintain perspective.

Wednesday is not only the day Mercury stations retrograde but the day the Cancer Sun takes its turn completely the Grand Trine in water with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Who knows? Perhaps this will ease the worst of the Mercury Retch anxieties. One can hope . . .

Venus is sweet and thoughtful in Cancer but Leo allows her to shine! Fire signs will love this Venus, all bold and dramatic and full of fire. Time to put on our fancy duds and party the night away.

The second half of the week is adjustment time with no major events. On the weekend the Moon will be in Aries and the natives will be restless. Good for taking part in active sports or tackling the “to do” list because physical activity is the best response to this Moon.

Your mind is still a very busy place, Aries, but this week the main focus moves to your home and family matters. Over the coming months you may decide to upgrade your living situation in some respect. Good weekend for you to DO something active.

Probably just as well you aren’t given to rushing around, Taurus, because doing so this week could compound your problems. Taking some extra time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s will be well worth it. Entertaining at home is starting to appeal to you.

Not a good time for you to be making decisions about money, Gemini, because all the facts may not be in. Hold off if you can. Getting in touch with close friends and your siblings will be much more fun and entertaining. Go out for coffee and conversation.

Curiously uneven week for you, Cancer. On one hand your overall mood will be upbeat and you may start to feel more optimistic than you have in quite awhile.  On the other hand getting your mental ducks in a row could be challenging.

The dilemma for you, Leo, is whether to give into the desire to go to your favorite place to relax and rest up or feed the need for approval from your adoring public. Here’s a thought . . . take your favorite audience with you.

Socializing for a good cause can work for you now, Virgo. It suits your notions of efficiency and good organization. One way to do this is to reconnect with old friends and others in your peer group. Let this idea rattle around in your head for now.

It is your long term goals that may dominate your thoughts this week, Libra. What direction you want to take and who you need to connect with to make this happen. Be sure to check your inner compass frequently during this process.

Rather than running out and jumping on the next plane to faraway places, Scorpio, take your time to firm up your plans and double check them. Do your homework now for a better experience. Maybe consider who would make the perfect traveling companion?

You might find yourself outside your comfort zone this week, Sagittarius, dealing with intense situations and thinking about what you need to let go of to improve yourself and your life. Give yourself a break and take some play time over the weekend.

It may take a few days but some long standing issues with your partner could be resolved soon, Capricorn. Apply liberal doses of compassion and understanding. Do your best to hold on these breakthroughs in months to come . . . you’ll need to come back to them.

You may be inspired to improve your health and exercise routines now, Aquarius, especially if you have blithely ignored them this past year due to pleasant distractions. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes some time to get your new program in place.

The change in atmosphere should suit you very well, Pisces, and your creativity may blossom as a result. Whether you realize it or not, your ability to go with the flow is a great example for the rest of us. Enjoy!

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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