Observations: Don’t shoot the Messenger!

kitty messenger

Somehow now that Mercury is retrograde, he gets blamed for just about everything that goes awry, whether it falls under his provenance or not. Mercury, or Hermes, was the messenger of the gods. This is one description of his duties:

“Hermes was a god of transitions and boundaries. He was quick and cunning, and moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.”

It is my suspicion much of what Mercury is blamed for is due to other less visible transiting planets than poor Mercury. Occasionally transiting Mercury will act as a trigger planet to sensitive natal patterns such as T-Squares, oppositions, inconjuncts and variations of those. Because retrograde planets make three passes over the same degrees and Mercury moves so quickly, the effects are more noticeable. The outer planets spend far more time on each degree but it can be months between transits over those degree points when they are retrograde.

Donna Cunningham has had a couple posts on Mercury retrograde hysteria – Dr. Z’s post, Mercury’s Pre-Retrograde Shadow and Post-Retrograde Shadow Periods; and one of her own, Using Mercury Retrograde Well. As usual she has plenty of good, common sense advice for us.

As I have mentioned before, I have my Mercury-Ascendant in Scorpio inconjunct to Uranus in Gemini giving Mercury a strong voice in my chart. Transits to either end of this inconjunct can cause events similar to those purported to happen only during Mercury retrogrades. No surprise I have my computer set up to back up my files automatically every day and do my best to keep enough funds set aside to cover any computer related emergencies. By the way, this is what Donna C said about my Mercury-Uranus inconjunct . . . “People with Mercury-Uranus aspects have a quirky way of thinking and an oddball sense of humor, but a quincunx between them would take quirky to a whole new level.” Heh, heh, heh! So true!!

One thing Mercury retrogrades are good for is reassessing and reviewing information. Maybe it is time to give Mercury a break and check to see if he really is to blame.

6 responses to “Observations: Don’t shoot the Messenger!

  1. Ha ha guilty as charged. Love the photo. It is probably those of with less experience as well. I know for me as said before I have people reappearing then almost as quickly disappearing. Mostly this time I gave a clear NO to the Universe after some time reevaluating. Mercury does give me patience though when I start having electric problems.

    • Hi Debbie!
      I know for me as said before I have people reappearing then almost as quickly disappearing.

      That sure sounds like your Mars-Chiron-Uranus T-Square being tripped by Jupiter in Gemini. Mars in Gemini will take its turn today & tomorrow!! 😀

      Enjoy your 4th of July. Hope you will be able to view some fireworks. We don’t have any public displays in my area . . . too hot & dry anyway. 😛
      xoxoxo diane~

  2. Hi Diane,

    I had no choice I had to start a new job on a mercury retrograde. I’m hoping it reflects as a “do over’ from the job I accepted last May 2012 and unexpectedly lost this past February. Hopefully, Jupiter conjuncting natal Uranus all in my 8th house will help.

  3. Natal Mercury sextile Uranus… stampede (in Cap, so hoofs involved 😉 of thoughts, and a quirky sense of humor indeed. Not many people understand, but you do, Diane! 🙂 And so does my best friend, Ï just looked, and saw she has Merc sextile Uranus also. The only one who can really give me jaw-cramps 🙂

  4. Omg I have all cardinal signs on my asc, mc,desc,nadir and everything in in cardinal except for a stellium in scorp. Saturn is going direct right on my scorp mars square my Saturn in leo in the first.I am being hit with a two by four everyday. I have to move and my mother is about to pass over and my dog is soon to die. My sister is leaving town and my brother is getting a divorce. I think this would make a good country song don’t you.LOL. I have mercury trine exactly on my Uranus in Gemini. I think I had told you before Diane we have a lot of the same things hitting being we are both Libra and about the same year of birth. Oh and I have to have back surgery or an epidural for horrible back problems. Well I better go before I depress everyone. But I am a survivor and know I will make it one day at atime.Thanks to astrology and places like your site Diane. Thanks again.


  5. PS I forgot to tell you how cute the picure of the kitty is on this page.It is so cute.


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