New Moon in Cancer, July 8, 2013

Running away from home . . .

Unlike the Full Moon in Capricorn a couple of weeks ago which taped into the sweet Grand Trine, this New Moon at 16° 18′ Cancer on 8 July 3013, 12:14 AM PDT connects to the Uranus-Pluto square. Calm and restful it will not be.

Uranus in Aries squaring the New Moon-Mercury stellium in Cancer has plenty of potential for precipitating major family feuds, probably because one or more family members are in outright rebellion against what they feel are too many restrictions. Pluto in Capricorn is sitting in the background and is the likely source of those restrictions which he feels is necessary to protect the family. This situation does not bode well for peace and tranquility at family gatherings.

Whilst what Uranus does is necessary for the overall good because it introduces fresh ideas and helps break us out of our complacency, getting there can be rather destructive. Uranus in Aries is particularly headstrong and likely to ignore anything that gets in its way. I have little doubt plenty of delicate Cancer sensibilities are going to be trampled on this New Moon. The refrain of “but it was for your own good” will be heard in many households. Finding a balance between being over-protective and allowing too much freedom is ever challenging for those in authority.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer conjoining the New Moon suggests plenty of “do overs” in the days ahead. Decisions made under duress and on the spur of the moment are my favorite candidates for this. Like children running away from home, we might end up coming back several times to get something we forgot as we went rushing out the door.

Mars in Gemini plays loose cannon in this chart as it makes no major aspects to the other planets. Light, breezy and energetic, this Mars is very helpful for keeping everyone entertained. I would like to mention once Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on 13 July, it will take all the air out of the sky except for those times when the Moon passes through Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The absence of air will continue until Venus joyfully enters her home sign of Libra on 17 August.

One bright spot of this lunation is a wonderfully inventive trine between sweet Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This is perfect for expressing affection spontaneously and for falling in Love at first sight. The best part is the trine may keep us from making complete fools of ourselves because we will retain enough common sense to recognize when someone is not right for us.

The other bright spot is the ongoing Grand Trine in water with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. If there is any sanity to be found it will be due to this pattern bringing applied compassion with great heart and generosity thanks to Jupiter.

As a Libra I can’t help but recommend doing our best to avoid extreme reactions and to seek some kind of compromise. This high energy New Moon can be a great time to strike out on a new path and make a bid for independence. Those who take their time and treat others respectfully whilst making their exit will be golden. If not . . . well, you will probably have to make some embarrassing trips back to the starting point.

On a personal note: Considering the New Moon stellium squares my Libra Moon, it could be pretty annoying. 😀 For me, this New Moon may be a preview of the issues I may be dealing with next April when Jupiter in Cancer completes an exact T-Square with Uranus and Pluto.

Jupiter in Cancer makes an exact inconjunct to my Venus in Sagittarius. Not a good day to go shopping for new clothes. You know,  when everything you try on makes you feel fat?

2 responses to “New Moon in Cancer, July 8, 2013

  1. I”m liking the kid with Winnie the pooh. Hope I feel that playful. SAturn on the move and a 7th house new moon. It feels “interesting” xox

  2. Oh Diane, spot on with this new moon! (for me in hindsight – I must add) I read your post in advance of the new moon and even though I was armed with your knowledge and advice I walked straight into the ‘huge “uranus-square-pluto ” hole in the floor’. When am I going to get it? I think however sassy venus sextile uranus in aries may have just saved the day for me. Some serious bridge-building is in order for me over the next few days (as you predicted!)and certainly without any huffs, sighs and rolling eyes from me. Humility all the way….

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