Observations: A Mixed Transit Experience

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I made a decision to go ahead with a dental appointment on Monday even knowing it was the Cancer New Moon, Saturn had just turned direct and Mercury was retrograde. In part because I was curious to see how everything would play out and in part because it would be the only day my dentist would be in the office all month.

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my twelfth house and stationed within two degrees of my natal Jupiter. Neptune in Pisces is trine my Jupiter and transiting Jupiter in Cancer is waxing trine to it. I was fairly confident the ultimate outcome would be favorable though with Saturn in the picture, getting there easily was not guaranteed. That turned out to be the case. When the dentist lifted the old crown out he didn’t like what was reveled, often the case with twelfth house issues. There was practically nothing left of the old tooth except decaying roots. When he suggested I consider having the remains pulled, I told him I had already thought about it and told him to go ahead. My Scorpio side is darn good at running worst case scenarios and this turned to have been a good move.

Jupiter in Cancer is currently transiting my eighth house and I had been prepared to withdraw money from savings to cover the cost of the crown replacement ($1,200~). Having the tooth pulled only cost $202, a substantial reduction and one I could pay out of pocket rather than drawing on savings. I see the tJupiter trine nJupiter helping there.

Any wishful thinking about this whole process can be blamed on Neptune in Pisces transiting my third house. Here again the trine to natal Jupiter and transiting Saturn kept the aforementioned wishful thinking to a minimum. Transiting retrograde Mercury is trine my natal Mars in Scorpio and combined with this procedure being a re-placement, probably kept Mercury retrograde from being a problem.

Other interesting transits that day were Venus in Leo conjoined my natal Pluto, the New Moon Cancer stellium square my Libra Moon and Mars in Gemini trine my Chiron in Libra. Venus-Pluto and Mars-Chiron transits I see as indicating a favorable recovery though not without some pain. The square to my Moon is all about the emotional angst surrounding this experience. It was NOT easy for the dentist to excavate those two decaying tooth roots. It took much longer than a typical tooth extraction and was far more uncomfortable.

Other than having lost a couple of days to pain medication induced mental fog, my recovery looks pretty typical so far. My dentist explained the extraction site would heal from the inside out, something that seems very Scorpio/Pluto to me. We’ll see . . .



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  2. Diane,
    I hope that you are healing and your dental pain has subsided by now. As for the Cancer New Moon and Saturn turning direct, boy was I ready for that type of energy! The last 4 to 6 weeks had been really tough…I actually had panic attacks and found it difficult to breathe at times. Being a Cappie Rising, I find that Saturn turning direct gives me newfound strength and perseverance to address tough issues and tackle things one step at a time. As for the Cancer New moon, it was conjunct my 7th house and I feel that this lunar energy will help me in finding (much-needed) employment and also make valuable social connections.

  3. Ouch. My teeth are hurting reading this. But thank you so much for sharing the astrology! Absolutely fascinating. I like that Venus-Pluto – healing from the inside beautifully. I agree that the outcome looks likely to be excellent by the way.

  4. Ugh, that does not sound fun at all! Hope all heals up well. D was just telling me last night about a friend of his who had all his teeth pulled and dentures installed. Serious ouch. Count your blessings! I’m sure you take good care of your teeth, but things do wear down over time no matter how diligent you are.

  5. Hope for a fast healing for you =) Leave it to Mer Rx to change the plans and outcome. Always best to have a dental appointment (no matter what our charts) when the moon is in a sign above the waist! I read that years ago and follow that rule. When I don’t there is always trouble. So Cancer moon was good =) xo

  6. Thanks, everyone! 😀 The worst pain is behind but it still aches & probably will for awhile yet. More trauma than usual due to the difficulty of the extraction. 😦 And that fits with Saturn barely moving now even though it is direct.

    @Les – I seriously winced reading about D’s friend who went thru the process to get dentures. OUCH!!

    @Tricia – Good to know about the Moon & dental appts. 😀

    xoxoxoxo diane~

  7. @ Tricia and Diane,
    What does “above the waist” mean? In the first 6 signs (Aries-Cancer) or just the signs on the Northern side of your own birth chart? ! Would like to know, because in the future (far or near) I have to undergo nasty teeth-things, I have a lot of crowns already, but when the break or have to get replaced, I will need root canal cleaning and horrible things like that… so very important to know 🙂

    • Hi Brex!

      “Above the waist” refers to the areas of the body ruled by the signs. Aries=head, Taurus=throat, Gemini=hands, Cancer=chest, breasts, etc.

      The tooth I had extracted was the only one where I had a root canal done. *shudder* That tooth was a source of trouble most of my adult life & I’m glad it’s gone! Check your Saturn transits if you can when having those done. As long as Saturn is in Scorpio, you should be OK but once it moves into Sagittarius . . . not so good. 😛

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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