Observations: Another Round of Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer

© Viktor Fetsch

On Saturday Mars will leave Gemini for the waters of Cancer where it does not function well. Mars is considered to be in its fall in Cancer – the sign opposing Capricorn where Mars is exalted. Objectivity will be harder to find with no planets left in the air signs. We will need to depend on our intuition to survive these deep waters.

In the cardinal signs, Mars rules Aries who is noted for dashing straight ahead at full speed and is exalted in Capricorn who moves at a deliberate, steady pace uphill or down. In Libra, Mars is again somewhat frustrated because Libra will stall until enough information is in place to make a good decision before taking action. But it is the sign of the crab who prefers to move sideways rather than straight forward where Mars is the most unhappy. After all, how you can make a good charge when zig-zagging all over the place!

Next week Mars in Cancer will begin to aspect the planets currently forming the Grand Trine in water. On 20 July, Mars will be trine both Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces before going to conjoin Jupiter in Cancer on 22 July. If you have personal planets or Angles from 4° to 5° in the water signs you should get a nice boost in energy from this event. Saturn stabilizes Mars and enables Mars in Cancer to be more direct than usual.

The aggravation occurs when Mars starts to trigger the Uranus-Pluto square with an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn on 17 July followed by the square to Uranus in Aries on 31 July. The degrees being activated are from 9° to 12° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Since it is Mars this time, we’ll probably see more pushing and shoving going on, both in our personal lives and in the collective. Tempers will be very short and it will be easy to jump to erroneous conclusions. Find your nearest Libra friend to get a second and third opinion!

After Mars moves past the outer planet action, it will quietly skitter along until it enters lordly Leo on 27 August. Just in time to bask in the late summer sun here in the northern hemisphere.


6 responses to “Observations: Another Round of Mars in Cancer

    • Thanks, David! 😀 This is what happens when I attempt to do get a post up before my brain is fully engaged. 🙂

      xoxoxo diane~

  1. how would this impact someones mars return? my partners mars is in cancer at 7 degrees (exactly conjunct my sun, his venus is at 4 degrees cancer also conjunct my sun). im looking forward to mars in cancer fully activating the grand water trine. ive felt the stellium in cancer big time already and i feel like mars will be what gets things going, even if it is a bit zig zagged lol…

    • Hi jgirl!

      Anyone who has Mars in Cancer from 4° to 7° will benefit from the Grand Trine on their Mars Return. It is those who have Cancer planets from 9° to 12° who will have a more stressful Return because of the Uranus-Pluto sq. OK?! 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. I wasn’t looking forward to Mars in Cancer – then I remembered that he gives nothing but sextiles and trines to my planets while there, so I’ll take it! It’s Mars in Gemini that annoys my Virgo and Sag. Also, my Aries guy has Mars in Cancer natally, sextile my Taurus Mars. So no complaints here!

    • Hey Les!

      Yes, you will find Mars in Cancer much more pleasant than in Gemini! Mars in Gemini is often very stressful for Virgos because Mercury rules both signs, making those transits especially hard on the nerves. Fewer distractions too. 😀 Enjoy! I doubt you will notice the lack of air in the sky either.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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