Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 15, 2013

quarter moon, elderberry

Quarter Moon in Libra

© Diane Lang

First Jupiter in Cancer, and then Mars in Cancer, complete the Grand Trine in water setting the tone this week. This is a pleasant, calming influence and will benefit those with personal planets or Angles from 4° to 5° in the water signs the most. For the rest it will be more of a gentle, soothing hum in the background. Wednesday is the day Jupiter will exactly trine Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Cancer’s turn to do the same is on Saturday.

Two planets change direction this week – Uranus in Aries will station retrograde on 17 July at 12° 31′ and Mercury in Cancer will station direct on 20 July at 13° 31′. Both are important events.

The Uranus station will affect those with personal planets and Angles from 11° to 13° in the cardinal signs the most. Please pay close attention to what surfaces this week because when Mars in Cancer triggers the Uranus-Pluto square over the next couple of weeks, it further aggravates the situation. Even though things may die down some after that, consider this a temporary reprieve because the next exact Uranus-Pluto square in December will be at 12°.

Mercury in Cancer turning direct square Uranus in Aries will most likely bring inflammatory statements and accusations into the picture. If there ever was a time to bite our tongues and refrain from saying hurtful things, this week is it. Remember Mercury will be retracing its steps and what was said in anger this week may be revisited over the next week or so. Sometimes silence is golden, people.

By the way, this is the last week the Sun will be in Cancer because it will joyfully enter its home sign of Leo next Monday, 22 July. Do I hear cheering from all you fire sign folk? Air signs will also enjoy the slightly drier atmosphere. 😀

We may all be grateful for the Grand Trine keeping the sharpest pain of the Uranus station from affecting us this week. Practice patience, tolerance and above all, forgiveness. We’ll need every scrap of patience when Mars sets off tempers all too soon.

Giving into the desire to yell at those who aren’t moving as fast as you would like, Aries, probably won’t help even if it makes you feel better. This is one time when you would do well to listen to older and wiser folks that you respect.

One thing you usually do well, Taurus, is take your time to think things through before making a move. Once again this policy will stand you in good stead. Feel the love and support from your partner and peers! Lean on it if you need to.

Feeling a little less bright and shiny these days, Gemini? If you do perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is schedule more down time into your daily routine. Hopefully this week will bring you some good news regarding your income.

Even if you end up having feeling off balance occasionally, Cancer, you still have plenty going for you these days. This week in particular looks very favorable in a low key way . . . just the way you like it. Take it easy on the weekend.

No matter how much you would love to take off and do some traveling, Leo, this is not the best time to do so. Be patient for now and please do your best to avoid self-defeating behaviors. Life should look brighter next week.

Your partner and your peers should be giving you plenty of support now, Virgo. And this week they may make point of letting you know how much your efforts are appreciated. Allow extra travel time if you are traveling on the weekend.

Hang on to your patience tightly with both hands this week, Libra. Others may be looking to you to be the sane one in the room, especially your partner. Dealing with an increased work load can be both rewarding and frustrating at this time.

You might feel very good this week, Scorpio, and well able to ignore the off the wall behaviors of others, particularly those you work with on a daily basis. It is easier than usual to step back and view your life from a new perspective.

The urge to drop everything and go play could hit you hard this week, Sagittarius, even though you know that wouldn’t be a good move right now. A better idea might be to relax alone at home to rejuvenate your inner centaur.

Look to your one-on-one relationships to brighten your day, Capricorn. Those folks are the ones who know you best and are there for you no matter what. Take advantage of opportunities to repair these relationships now to prevent problems down the road.

Your sense of what to do to satisfy your basic needs in the practical world is finely tuned this week, Aquarius. Do yourself a favor and work with this energy to the best of your ability. Please don’t let impatience get the best of you.

Spreading goodwill and inspiring others with your enthusiasm should come easy for you this week, Pisces. If you are excited about one of your creative endeavors and need support to make it happen, now’s the time to seek it. Go for it!

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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