Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 22, 2013

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo

© Leo by Mila Losenko

July 22 is not only the day the Sun joyfully enters Leo, its home sign, but when Venus leaves Leo for quiet Virgo, Mars conjoins Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon is full in Aquarius. What a way to start the week! We’ll be scrambling to adjust.

Even though the Sun is very strong in fiery Leo, it is only one of two planets in fire now in a sky with five planets in water – Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The Leo Sun is powerful enough to put a touch more bounce in the average fire sign person’s step even if its brilliance is dimmed by water filled clouds. Speaking of dimmed brilliance, this weekend the Sun will square Saturn in Scorpio . . . not the best indicator for throwing a big party.

Mercury is now direct and will begin to pick up speed this week. By the weekend the square to Uranus in Aries will begin to fade and it should be easier to keep from snapping and snarling at your nearest and dearest.

Venus practically drops out of sight in Virgo after strutting her stuff in Leo. She does love to make thoughtful gestures to express her love and affection. Tea and sympathy is this Venus’ specialty and she wins many hearts with that technique. On Friday Venus will oppose Neptune in Pisces and be sextile Saturn in Scorpio. Excellent aspects for sharing a pleasant private romantic moment with your lover. No public displays of affection for Venus in Virgo! A sextile to Jupiter in Cancer on Sunday will lighten the mood considerably, a nice change of pace after Saturday’s contentious aspects.

Mars in Cancer is bolstered by the conjunction with Jupiter but by the end of the week the goodwill generated by the conjunction will have seeped away. Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mars on Saturday marking the reemergence of dissonance. People might be grouchy and quick to take offense if they feel manipulated.

Enjoy the first part of the week and decide ahead of time how you want to prepare for a snarly weekend. Figure on needing plenty of patience and tolerance.

Your week may start off with a big burst of energy, Aries, and this should help you maintain an optimistic outlook. How long this lasts depends on what comes up at home and with your work. Conflicts between family and your boss may emerge this weekend.

For the most part you should be feeling good this week, Taurus, and you might even be the mood for a romantic interlude, playtime with your children or other leisure activities. However family issues may well up this weekend and need to be dealt with.

After feeling off balance last weekend, you should start to regroup over the course of the week, Gemini, and better able to handle whatever comes your way with your usual flair. The urge to do a little redecorating at home could strike now.

Usually you tend to be on the cautious side, Cancer, but not right now. You may surprise those who know you with your willingness to stand up for yourself and fight back when pushed. Be careful of engaging in serious confrontations with your partner on the weekend.

You may feel your vitality begin to return this week, Leo, after what has been a long dry spell. The nice thing about a happy Leo is their willingness to spread cheer and goodwill freely. It is always good to be loved and appreciated.

A little love could come your way starting now, Virgo. Friends and lovers may see you with fresh eyes and realize how appealing you truly are. This is not a bad weekend at all for you to make plans with your sweetie to get out and have fun.

Luck combined with drive may be the key to making a breakthrough in your career, Libra, though you might still end up feeling like it’s an uphill battle at times. The source of contention is your partner, either business or personal. Be nice, OK?

Both your career and your ability to network effectively get some help now, Scorpio, and this is one of those times when being positive instead of a wet blanket is a good idea. Watch out for tendency to be combative on the weekend.

If you are very, very blessed by the Gods of Good Fortune, Sagittarius, you may get a job offer that will allow you to travel for work. If you do, please remember to smile brightly and express your sincere appreciation! Life begins to look brighter for you.

You could start out the week on the best of terms with your partner, Capricorn, and yet by the weekend there may be storm clouds on the horizon. If problems develop the source might be your extended family. Exaggerated expectations may play a role.

Your one-on-one relationships take on a special luster now, Aquarius, and may demand more of your attention. But don’t forget to give equal time to your work. A volatile situation with co-workers you thought was settled could explode again late in the week.

Could it be you have been indulging your inner child to excess lately, Pisces? If so, it may catch up with you towards the end of the week. Jealousy is a possible factor or a very controlling friend could cause problems.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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3 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 22, 2013

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I’m a 7 degree cancer sun, in my 7H. My partners mars and Venus conj my sun. Was hoping for a blissful summer but we had difficulty with mercury rx so ill bite my tongue for sure this week.

    • Hi Jgirl!
      Was hoping for a blissful summer but we had difficulty with mercury rx so ill bite my tongue for sure this week.

      Wouldn’t hurt! Mercury will be back up to speed by next Monday when Jupiter will be at 7° Cancer with both Mercury & Mars well past that point. Here’s to getting some of that summer bliss after all! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  2. thanks for the reply Diane! between mercury rx, pluto squaring my sun, his mars, and his venus, and uranus (we both have personal planets in libra), i dont know when to expect good news! i truly appreciate the time and detail you put into your horoscope messages, though. this weeks was a needed reminder to “stay calm and carry on”.

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