Observations: Venus in Virgo – a Practical Beauty

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo

© Pat Brennan

Venus left glamorous Leo for quiet Virgo a few hours before the Sun made its entrance into Leo on Monday. It is entirely possible she planned it that way because Venus in Virgo does not care for the limelight. She much prefers peace and quiet, thank you very much!

Her wardrobe is no longer full of bold, bright colors and party clothes either. Virgo likes soft, cool earthy tones with the occasional splash of cinnabar and gold as accent colors. The colors of dawn and dusk rather than midday are most appealing to this Venus.

If Venus in Virgo has a flaw it is a tendency to be on the critical side. Virgo does have a very discriminating eye and unless tempered by kindness this can come across as harsh and hurtful. It can be hard to please Venus in Virgo because she has such high standards.

Men with Venus in Virgo are attracted to quietly attractive women who are modest and reserved.

Venus in Virgo has a big advantage this year because as an earth sign, Virgo blends harmoniously with all the planets from Jupiter out with the exception of Uranus in Aries. Late this week Venus will connect with the Grand Trine in water – she will oppose Neptune whilst forming sextiles to both Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. For Venus this is like sinking into a warm, fragrant bubble bath. If your weekend is a pleasant one you can thank Venus!

Next week Venus will be trine Pluto in Capricorn at about the same time Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. Here again she may be able to play peacemaker and sooth hurt feelings. It is on 1 August when she will be inconjunct Uranus in Aries who will probably step all over her sensitive toes. However Mars in Cancer will be happy to kiss her hurts and make it better the next day. After that she’ll be free to do her own thing with no interference . . . an ideal state for this very private Venus.

Venus will remain in Virgo until 16 August when she gracefully moves into her home sign of Libra . . . an event this Libra is looking forward to!


2 responses to “Observations: Venus in Virgo – a Practical Beauty

  1. Happy to have Venus back in her home sign in my chart! I did the critical Venus in Virgo in the 1st house thing last night, spending the evening covering up my gray roots – details. Well, it worked for my pMoon in Leo 1st house, too! They rarely coordinate well my Leo Moon/Asc/Uranus and Virgo Venus/Pluto but occasionally they get on the same page. 😉

  2. Venus will transit my 10th house and I just started a new job three weeks ago. After that, it hits my Libra 11th and like you, I’m really looking forward to that. Then it travels to the 12th where it meets transiting Saturn. I hope that will not be a reality check on what so far is a pleasent work experience. I’m working with people in the pschotheraphy profession. Very 12th house, No ?

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