Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 12, 2013

Leo_by_ErebusOdora 525© Erebus Odora

This is the transition week between Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn to squaring Uranus in Aries on August 21. We may find ourselves feeling somewhat queasy as a result. The opposition ended up so well balanced it created a strong feeling of stasis and we all know the square to Uranus will be anything but. When Mercury in Leo trines Uranus in Aries on Wednesday is when I believe we might begin to feel the balance shift and perhaps those who have felt stalemated by circumstances will begin to see change arrive.

Before Mercury enjoys the trine to Uranus, it must take another hit via an inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday. Capricorn doesn’t usually appreciate Leo’s love of a dramatic presentation when they feel simple facts will do the job. Leo’s flamboyance grates on buttoned down Cappy nerves.

From this airy Libra’s perspective the most important event of the week is Venus leaving calm earthy Virgo for her home sign of Libra on Friday, August 16. Not only is Libra a very happy place for Venus but it also means we will finally have a planet in air once more. Of course, Lady Venus will have to put up with snark from all the outer planets including Jupiter in Cancer before she gets to dance freely. I plan on devoting a post to my favorite planet later this week . . . she deserves it!

The trine between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries takes place at 12°, energizing the fire signs as well as stirring up the cardinal signs. Aries folk will probably be very pleased with the increased activity though it may grate on Cancer and Capricorn nerves. Libras may feel some pressure too but with Venus on their side, they should be able to manage.

Keep an eye out for fast moving events and unexpected opportunities cropping up. We might have to make some choices on the fly and this can be hard for some.

The desire to indulge your inner child could run smack into work obligations early in the week, Aries, and this conflict promises to increase as the week goes on. Whether or not you decide to blow off work for play is up to you.

You were the most likely fan of last week’s stasis, Taurus, and probably the least likely to enjoy the potential upheaval that begins this week. The people who won’t play by your rules may surprise you . . . unpleasantly. Practice forbearance please.

Now you are always up for some new and different, Gemini, and whilst you may find the first couple of days of the week uncomfortable, you should begin to hit your stride later this week. Your lively sense of humor will amuse your peers.

Keep a weather eye out at work for possible sources of disruption, Cancer, so you can side step the worst. The thing is when the fireworks die down you could find yourself looking at more income. That never hurts, does it? *grin*

Other than maybe getting into with coworkers over micro-management issues, Leo, you should fare very well this week. Your sense of adventure is highlighted and by the weekend, your ability to sweet talk just about anyone will revive. Enjoy your moment in the sun.

Be wary when discussing ownership of creative ideas early in the week, Virgo. There is the possibility of being blind-sided in that regard. You should be able to work something out in short order thru legal channels. Think outside the box, OK?!

Your one-on-one relationships continue to be a source of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, Libra. This week those surprises are more likely to be happy ones than not. Your spirits will get a lift late in the week when some nice compliments might come your way.

Coming on too controlling in your language at work might not work out so well for you, Scorpio, but you’ll catch your error quickly. You may receive support you didn’t expect from coworkers thru this episode. Spend time alone on the weekend to restore yourself.

By being cautious where you spend your money early in the week, Sagittarius, you could have a positive outcome later. Your knack for seeing the big picture will come in handy, helping you solve a tricky creative problem. Socializing looks good on the weekend.

Finding a fair but firm tone is not easy for you these days, Capricorn, and this week talking to financial management types might make this harder. After midweek these issues can become easier to resolve, especially if you channel your most tactful family member.

If you wish discussions with your partner to have a happy result, Aquarius, delay any important conversations until after midweek when finding the right inspiration will be easier. In general your one-on-one relationships are a source of pleasure to you now.

As you often do, Pisces, you are drifting along listening to your own drummer these days. Sticking with your usual routines and ignoring input from your peers is probably a good way to go. This might literally pay off for you.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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