Full Moon in Aquarius, August 20, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

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Talk about a wake-up call! This second Full Moon at 28° 11′ Aquarius on 20 August 2013, 06:45 PM PDT is a loud one! Change is in the air and even those of us who actively resist it need to come to terms with the necessity to make some serious adjustments in attitude.

Aquarius asks us to expand our concept of family and embrace the notion we are first and foremost citizens of the world. It supports all sorts of humanitarian causes and promotes the need to preserve and protect the environment. The internet acts as the nervous system linking people to one another almost instantaneously, or so it seems. It seems like having a second Full Moon in Aquarius comes as a reminder about all of these things and more.

The brilliant Leo Sun conjoins both Ceres and Mercury. Those celebrities who use their moment in the spotlight to promote worthy causes and draw attention to people in need are an example of this warm, caring stellium. Ceres in Leo nurtures others by encouraging them to find their inner child and celebrate their creativity. Mercury is there to spread the word far and wide. Leo’s knack for dramatic presentation ensures everyone will pay attention to what they have to share.

Even though this is the first lunation in several months with equal numbers of planets in fire and air as there are in earth and water, there is little ease in this chart. Lovely Venus has reached her home in airy Libra but she is hemmed about by Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Cancer is snipping at the luminaries and Jupiter in Cancer is exactly square Uranus in Aries whilst still in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. In other words there is little real peace to be found . . . unfortunately.

If you’re looking for love and romance, I’d suggest waiting until the end of August when Venus in Libra will finally reach the end of the outer planet obstacle course and Mars will be in Leo. Between Neptune’s ability to deceive and Saturn’s hard truths, poor Venus doesn’t stand a chance on this Full Moon.

Mars in Cancer is semi-sextile the Leo stellium and inconjunct the Aquarius Moon and acts as an irritant to both. A possible manifestation is the inability to get comfortable. As a result we may find ourselves initiating changes to relieve the discomfort and given Mars is in family oriented Cancer, these changes may be family related. We might also become aware of deep seated differences in opinion with our extended family members and because there is little chance of resolving those, we may have to resort to agreeing to disagree.

Speaking of changes, Jupiter in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries is bound to launch more than a few. We are fully in the active phase and as annoying as this aspect can be, it will probably help clear any lingering stagnation left from the complacent Jupiter-Pluto opposition a couple of weeks ago. I would caution about taking on too much under this influence. Jupiter rarely recognizes limitations and this will be exacerbated by Uranus. Sometimes a firm ‘no’ can be a very good thing!

The only benign influence still at work is the fading trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This wonderful trine has been quietly working in the background since late last Autumn, promoting applied compassion. It will be missed.

Now that we have been jarred awake, it is time to look around our lives with fresh eyes. Between now and the New Moon in precise Virgo on September 5, we have an opportunity to evaluate where we are and where we wish to go next. Choose what to throw out and what to keep with great care and lots of love.

On a personal note: Major mixed bag for me . . . the Aquarius Moon is trine my Libra Sun whilst Mars in Cancer is making a waxing square to it (Mars will enter Leo on August 27). Great if I need to stand up for myself I guess. Mars-Sun squares can be over-stimulating and therefore exhausting. Jupiter moving to square my Libra is not going to help much with that either.

Saturn in Scorpio is in the midst of its final pass over my natal Jupiter and I’m very curious to see what happens once this one is history. Of course, given my Jupiter is in the twelfth any positive results may be invisible to anyone but me. *grin*


12 responses to “Full Moon in Aquarius, August 20, 2013

  1. Hmmm This one will be conjunct my natal moon thus also opposing my natal Venus and Jupiter. Working a lot in what to throw out and what I want to create.

    • Hey Debbie!

      Hmmm This one will be conjunct my natal moon thus also opposing my natal Venus and Jupiter.

      That Leo stellium will be hovering around your Jupiter and also be widely trine your Mars. Yes, I imagine it would be a good idea to be clear before hand on what you wish to keep! Kicks your fiery side into high gear! “Throw it ALL out & start fresh!!” may be your theme song. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

      • 🙂 be interesting. I could use some energy! Last two days I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Although have stayed up late to watch the night sky.

  2. Hi Diane
    Omg it is insane. Having Pluto in Leo in the first I am so aware of generational big picture issues. We baby boomers have always been called the Me Me never growing up generation and I am so aware of it in my life. Being a Libra sun and cap moon Cancer rising all this wake up energy is hitting me with a huge awareness of our refusal to grow up and blame everyone else (especially family) for our problems. I for one am thankful for this wake up call bless it for the growth in my own evolution. I understand that culturally the baby boom generation has helped a lot when it comes to the importance of childhood psychology and teaching us better ways to raise our children but being a Libra I see how we have to be careful of spoiling our children so terribly to the point of becoming adult children who never grow up. I have a Scorpio stellium and know that forgiveness is such a big factor and have been working on that my whole life. Thanks to the wake up call it is starting to sink in. For this I am very thankful and for you and astrology to help in my journey. Thanks again.


  3. This full Moon falls on my natal Pluto at 0* Virgo/ 4th house. It is most likely a preparation for the New moon which falls on my birthday. A new moon to clean out the emotional closet and take a new direction. Last year had my sun rising on the ascendent.

  4. What I adore about your writings is you don’t place so much emphasis on the Asteroids! They are really very subtle when transiting, imo and are WAY overused these days on most blogs and are clouding things up for mostly new Astrologers and I love that you place importance on the Planets! Hugs!

  5. Boy I just lack enthusiasm Beam me up Scotty….
    Hope this shows more options than of late. I really feel I should have got my ‘Masters’ by now 🙂

  6. I have plenty of issues and chaos going around at present, not sure can take much more stress..yet this moon will be exactly conjunct my sun – also saturn is quite near my scorpio moon and neptune. What can be hopeful out of this rather than another scarey trauma?!

  7. Well, this full won’t do too much, though it does square my Mars I guess. Saturn crossing my IC again now and then hitting my progressed Venus and Sun – and moving on to square my natal Ascendant/Moon back and forth – yeah that’s not likely to be fun. It’s occurring to me that I need to grow a better backbone. Saturn would appreciate that. The rug is too easily pulled out from under me emotionally, so yeah, Saturn transiting my 4th may be all about that!

  8. Hi Les I too have Saturn transiting my fourth house. Thanks for reminding me about growing a backbone. I have natal Neptune right on my Libra Sun square me Cap moon in the sixth and have health problems all my life due to not standing up for myself. You reminded me with Saturn in our fourth houses that is what we need so much is to stand up for ourselves. I have basically always known this but you know how you can hear something a thousand times and it doesn’t register. Well your comment hit me right where it should have and I thank you for the reminder. Thanks again.


  9. Thanks for this post Diane!
    I never gave too much though on sun mars squares. But now I see how they are over stimulating. My son has that aspect and he is a little dynamo. Needles to say, I’m exhausted! (my moon is involved????) Now I can check more accurately for transits and be better prepared so we get the best of it.
    The full moon might be good for me. It falls on my mercury in 6H and activates a grand trine, the Sun makes it a kite from the 12th. Maybe my inner resources are going to be put to good use?!
    The squares happening well, been working on that for a while. I hope this full moon gives me the extra oomph to finish some clearing up. Extended family is far so hopefully that won’t be an issue…I hope!

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