Observations: Venus in Libra, a Breath of Air

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra

© Laura Ashford – fineart

On Friday, August 16, Venus gracefully enters her home sign of Libra bringing a much needed breath of air. This is where she is most comfortable, surrounding herself with beauty and charming all who enter her sphere of influence. The challenge for Venus this year is she has to deal with unpleasant interactions with the outer planets beginning with an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces on Monday, August 19.

In some ways, the inconjunct to Neptune works as both Libra and Pisces have a romantic streak and prefer the dream to the reality. However watery Neptune in Pisces is way too self-sacrificing for rational Venus in Libra. Whilst this Venus can acknowledge the concept of giving all for Love, if this also involves dirt and discomfort, forget it! Libra can be a slave to creature comforts like hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing. She is capable of roughing to please her chosen partner but not for any length of time.

The next obstacle Venus encounters is a square to Pluto in Capricorn on August 24. Here she may run into someone obsessing over her as well as having an overwhelming need to control her every movement and choice. Venus in Libra may go along with this for awhile in order to keep the peace but push her too far and you’ll know it. Think hurricanes and tornadoes. This is especially true at this time because Venus is taking her turn completing a T-Square with Uranus in Aries (opposing Venus in Libra on August 26) and Pluto. Money issues may play a role this time around causing relationships to founder.

A square to Jupiter in Cancer on August 27 is the last challenging aspect to Venus. Venus-Jupiter squares are a real mixed bag. Some astrologers see any link up between these two planets as favorable but I’m not so sure about that. Too much of a good thing can be problematical too. When these two planets hook up it is very easy to go overboard and indulge far past the point of satiation. Hangovers, anyone?

August 27 is also when Mars leaves Cancer for exuberant Leo, something Venus in Libra will welcome with open arms. Air has a way of breathing life into fire. Libra loves bright, cheerful Leo and happily plays audience to Leo’s delight. Love and romance takes on a lighter note and people will be in the mood to play for awhile.

During the last two weeks of Venus’s stay in Libra, she will only have to deal with the Moon’s changing moods. This pleasant interlude will come to an end on September 10 when Venus shifts into brooding Scorpio and the water level rises once more.


7 responses to “Observations: Venus in Libra, a Breath of Air

  1. As I see it the problem with Mars in Leo is that he could be a bit suffocating for Venus in Libra. I see a jealous and possessive boyfriend here who tries too hard to tell Venus who she can and cannot talk to. Venus in Libra understands a bit of harmless flirtin works wonders for getting what she wants. She is grown up enough to not let it get out of hand, so don’t tell her that she can’t do it. As long as Leo understands that she loves him, and only him all will be well. Don’t put up walls, or sulk it’s not attractive. Libra will withdraw either physically or emotionally then the fun is gone from the relationship. Having Venus in Libra I speak from experience.

  2. I’ll take Venus in Scorpio where my pVenus is. I could use some love/$ in my 4th. Just found out my tenants are leaving, so I’ll be paying rent and mortgage. Ouch. Probably time to sell. I guess this is what Saturn transiting my 4th is about. Maybe Jup in my 12th will work some behind the scenes luck. My upcoming solar return doesn’t look too bad. But oy…

    • Hey Les!
      I guess this is what Saturn transiting my 4th is about. Maybe Jup in my 12th will work some behind the scenes luck.

      tVenus will be joining Saturn & pVenus-Jupiter-Sun from Sept 17-22. Hopefully that will help out. At least Mars crossing your ASC-Moon will give you the energy to handle whatever is happening. Saturn transiting the 4th can result in moving or making serious alterations to your living situation. This may work out far better than it seems now. *fingers crossed* for you! 😀

      xoxoxoxoxo diane~

  3. I’m patiently waiting for Venus to enter Sagittarius. This will be my Venus return, first house Sag and during my birthday. I hope it’s extra special this year…I deserve it after all my Saturn influenced years.

    • Me too, Lynda! I see you have a Mars Return about a week before your Venus Return on Oct 14! Very nice! 😀

      I have a Mars sq Mars around my Venus Return . . . LOL

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  4. There is so much change going on in my life right now, some of the changes I am making myself, some just happen. I guess it all has to do with the upcoming grand (T-)square, transiting Venus-Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter in cardinal signs. Put some extra excitement and depth in it, because when Venus makes the grand (T-)square full, she will be conjunct my natal Pluto in 8th, which will be exact square Pluto in Capricorn. What about transformation?!
    It feels a bit like a Final Great Test, but I feel I can handle it, I feel surprisingly confident.
    But Venus is not there yet, so maybe I should stay quiet until then.
    Could you think of a general subject for me personally, Diane? I mean, the last weeks all kinds of things are coming to life inside of me, feeling, moving, maybe move to another house, psychological self-understanding, secretly being a little in love… I cannot find the central point in it, but if it would have a name, it would be Transformation, so I guess it’s real 8th house speaking, the only thing is that it feels so unexpectedly GOOD?!

    • Hi Brex!

      Let’s see . . . you will have two earth houses (2nd & 6th) & two water houses (8th & 12th) activated by this. With Uranus in your 2nd & Jupiter in your 6th, you are probably in the process of redefining what you wish to do to generate income. The transformative part relates to the water houses. Between tPluto in the 12th & nPluto in the 8th, you might as well do your best to firmly squelch expectations of specific outcomes as they arrive. In mid-September Mercury in Libra will be conj your nPluto at the same time Jupiter in Cancer is conjoining your nSaturn. Perhaps this will enable you to articulate your experiences more clearly.

      BTW, your comment inspired my latest post on the 8th house! Thanks! 🙂

      Good luck! 😀

      xoxoxoxoxxo diane~

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