Observations: Eighth House – Not so Scary

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I’m not sure why the eighth house gives people pause. It might be because it is associated with Scorpio, a sign with an undeserved reputation for being dark and troublesome. There is nothing better or worse about the eighth house than any of the other houses.

Scorpio, and the eighth house it rules, often put us in a position of having to deal with the basic underpinnings of life – birth, death and transformation. It makes sense the financial matters related to the eighth house include taxes and money we inherit from people who have died. Death and taxes are usually included in the list of what is inevitable.

Those who have planets in the eighth house, particularly personal planets like the Sun and Moon, may end up facing more than a few hard truths over the course of their lives. They often learn early wanting something desperately doesn’t mean you are going to get it. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house, makes sure we learn the pitfalls of unfounded expectations and assumptions. How those personal planets in the eighth house are aspected determines how we learn those lessons. Hard aspects such the square and opposition from an outer planet usually mean the lessons will be unavoidable. Trines and sextiles give one a somewhat easier time of it. It is rather like aspects to Pluto . . . it doesn’t matter what they are, the sting is still there.

A strong eighth house has some real benefits including the ability to heal one’s self, an interest in good financial management, a willingness to tackle making a will and other paperwork associated with the end of life as well as being willing to dig deep to find the truth. Being able to acknowledge our dark side and learn to accept it without judgment is another valuable aspect of an active eighth house.

Most eighth house types spend a great deal of time thinking about security, both emotional and financial which are often inextricably intertwined. At some point in their lives, they discover how fragile that security can be if it is based outside themselves. It is our relationship with ourselves where the foundation for what passes for security is found.

Something else those with strong eighth houses share with Scorpio types is undergoing at least one, if not more, major transformative experience in their lives. Typically we figure this out using hind sight because we’re too busy surviving when those events are occurring.

If you have a loaded eighth house, be thankful rather than worried. After all, it gives you an edge when handling all those tough issues that make others wince! Take it from someone who has Scorpio Rising and a strong Pluto presence in her chart.

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    • Wonderful! Thanks! Always appreciate hearing I’m reaching my audience. LOL

      xoxoxoxoxo diane~

  1. My eldest daughter is so very very 8th house. She has her venus and chiron in her 8th house in gemini and her ascendant and pluto are conjunct in scorpio. In my humble opinion, there is something bright and beautiful about an 8th house person. As long as they are self aware, there is deep moving about a person living honestly with all aspects of their soul.

    • Hi Phyllis!

      My eldest daughter is so very very 8th house. She has her venus and chiron in her 8th house in gemini and her ascendant and pluto are conjunct in scorpio. In my humble opinion, there is something bright and beautiful about an 8th house person.

      Indeed! They contribute so much, often in a quiet but determined manner. You are blessed with a great daughter! 😀 I have always felt we need our bright, stubborn, thoughtful Pluto in Scorp generation to help sort out the environmental problems in particular. They are very well suited for that.

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. 🙂 I think it is a strength house. I have Venus, Uranus, Pluto and depending on the house system used -Jupiter. Many transformations is not a choice and the lesson for me has been learning how to do it with grace.

    • Hi Debbie!

      Many transformations is not a choice and the lesson for me has been learning how to do it with grace.

      Well put! And I would include Jupiter regardless of house system as it is right on the cusp in Placidus. So many of your 8th house planets aspect your Moon it makes sense you live with the effects every single day.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  3. Debbie, I like the description of it as a strength house. It is a house of growth also.

    • Growth that requires a lot of strength. I find my journey has not been easy at all. I was recently asked by a energy worker how I was still standing. I laughed. What choice do I have, but I should have said I’m an 8th house person -part of my journey. :))

  4. So pleased to read a description so close to the story of my life! It is all so true. I feel like standing in the spotlight (second full Moon in Aquarius 1 st house for me 🙂
    Due to the squares from Sun, Merc and Venus to my Pluto in 8th house, and Uranus also in 8th, transformations in my life are often sudden, unexpected and negative, but now for the first time I feel the positive side of it: the self-healing side, the benefits of all these life-experiences, the hidden diamond in the darkest of stones. Sometimes I can barely handle the powers it brings. Especially the power of feelings (Venus in 12th rules my 8th house) but I doing everything I can. Trying to stay humble is the best advice I can give to 8th house problems. We’re only human.
    Lovely article 🙂
    Greetz Brex

  5. Thr last three paragraphs are a complete decscription of me and my relationship with #*. I have natal Uranus Rx in 8th house Cancer. Every death of my closest family was quick,sudden and usually at a relatively young age. I have always been obsessed with security. At present, I have Jupiter spening a year in this house. I am watching this part of my chart closer than the rest. BTW, Scorpio Rising here…something else we have in common.

  6. Interesting article. With Jupiter in my 8th house, I would guess it qualifies as a loaded house just by sheer size! I have noticed that I benefit enormously from other people’s money, notably older women, maybe signified by that Moon nearby? In fact, they’re all that saved my butt this past year or so, although I use it as a very last resort. While the Moon is in the 9th house, being a Cap Moon it keeps me humble about it, and thankful, and permits very little nonsense about managing money. Any extra goes toward practical bill-paying. I suspect Saturn-ruled 8th house/Capricorn and my natal Saturn in the 1st house ensures some brakes are applied to the Big Guy somehow or other, but he still squeezes through the cracks! 😀 The square between natal Pluto and natal Jupiter probably is at work in keeping any grandiosity to a minimum, too. 🙂

  7. Hi Diane, thanks for your eighth house post – I have Pluto transiting my Capricorn eight house – He’s nuked my sun and is making his way to my mercury. Pluto here is heaven and hell, walking the minefield of the human heart – the blossoms as well as the bruises. It’s often tortuous but I’m not running away – trying to develop a granite face and steel spine as he (Pluto) makes mincemeat of all weak spots. This is ego reshaping at its most brutal, Pluto is relentless, ruthless but completely compelling here – worth every missing tooth and black eye – metaphorically speaking of course – here intimacy dares to go beyond all limits.

  8. With natal Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio, I have definitely had to reinvent myself. Lately with Saturn & North Node in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, it has been a tough few months. I feel that I am seeing stuff that I tried so hard to avoid and refused to see. Relentless Pluto has been retrograding in my 12th and it has been one heck of a transit. I feel as if a part of me has died…

  9. Mars,Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 8th house. I ’ve always been fascinated for Astrology,Tarot and Holistic Healing.

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