Observations: Virgo Season is here!



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This year the Sun rolls into Virgo accompanied by its ruler, Mercury! The over-heated atmosphere of the past couple of weeks will gradually cool down and hopefully the inflated rhetoric will too. Virgo is noted for dealing in facts, not speculation or drama as Leo often does. Leo can inject drama into the most mundane events and with Jupiter squaring Uranus fueling Leo’s love of embellishment, it has been a very trying time.

On Saturday the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo will be exact, bringing us the promise of clear, analytical thinking. Neptune in Pisces opposing those two planets Sunday and Monday suggests this might not be the case. With Neptune’s favorite rose-colored glasses firmly in place we may get sucked into attempting to rescue everyone with an owie whether they need it or not. Use good judgment before leaping in.

Thankfully Virgo has a sweet relationship with Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn so when the Sun and Mercury aspect Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, we all benefit. The Sun and Mercury will take turns being sextile Saturn and trine Pluto from August 27 thru September 1. Mercury will sextile Jupiter in Cancer on August 30 and the Sun will do the same a week later on September 7. All of these aspects are excellent for processing practical information and then applying it. Jupiter sweetens the pot with a healthy degree of optimism without going overboard . . . which is what happened under the Jupiter-Uranus square. For those of us who are currently feeling like our lives are seriously spinning out of control and desperately need to get our feet back on the ground, the next couple of weeks look good for that.

I do need to mention the Sun and Mercury will also be inconjunct that trouble-maker, Uranus in Aries. First, Mercury on August 29 and then the Sun on September 3. Virgo and Aries have very different ways of viewing the world. Aries is all about taking action ASAP, often with only a casual glance at any details involved whilst Virgo prefers to carefully review all the data before taking the first step. Aries accuses Virgo of being unable to see the forest for the trees and Virgo responds by calling Aries a foolhardy risk taker. Patience and tolerance will be much needed on the days these aspects occur.

Mercury leaves meticulous Virgo for fair minded Libra on September 9, leaving the Sun to finish its journey through Virgo alone. Not that it will mind because Virgo is one of the solitary signs who enjoy quietly working by themselves. This will give us two planets in earth for the balance of the Sun’s stay in Virgo before it shifts to airy Libra on September 22. Let’s make the most of having a touch more earth in the sky!

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  1. Leo can inject drama into the most mundane events and with Jupiter squaring Uranus fueling Leo’s love of embellishment, it has been a very trying time. – This sums up the past month for me. Excited for the cool down

  2. Hooray! I’m one of those whose life feels out of control lately. Glad to see things will get better soon.

    Also yay for me having Mercury in Virgo at 29 degrees Virgo in my upcoming Solar Return! Also with SR angles in Cardinal signs and Jupiter sitting right on the SR MC, looks like an interesting year ahead.

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