Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 26, 2013

Smoky Sky

Smoky Sky

© Diane Lang

First full week with Sun and Mercury in Virgo is ahead and it promises to be a very good week for handling all those small but important practicalities that keep life running smoothly. Virgo is the expert when it comes making sure everything runs like a top!

Solid pragmatic support is on hand for the Sun and Mercury from Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. As long as we don’t get fancy and stick with the basics, we should be able to make a serious dent in the backlog of tasks neglected or set aside over the past month due to the crazy distractions from Jupiter tweaking Uranus and Pluto. Neptune in Pisces will obscure the Virgo Sun’s view on Monday and Uranus in Aries will attempt to sidetrack communications midweek via an inconjunct to Mercury but if we stay focused and refuse to play Uranus’s games, we should be OK.

Monday and Tuesday, Venus in Libra will trigger the waning Jupiter-Uranus square and place loving relationships in jeopardy. Risky behaviors driven by the need to exercise our autonomy with little to no consideration for anyone’s feelings but our own may be why. Venus-Jupiter squares often mean too much of a good thing and if we overindulge in sweets (Libra), our stomachs will pay the price (Cancer).

Mercury in Virgo is sextile Jupiter in Cancer on Friday, a very sweet aspect. Positive thinking at its best! Maybe we will be able to come up with solutions where everyone wins for a change.

Mars leaves watery Cancer for Leo on Tuesday and will be much the better for the change. Mars is always more comfortable in the fire signs where it can take action in a direct, linear fashion. This shift may give those of us who need to get moving the necessary kick in the pants.

First part of the week looks the most stressful, after that life will smooth out some. With Mars in fiery Leo, there will be a better balance in elements though earth and water do dominate. The passive-aggressive tone of recent months is still in place, though having Mars in a fire sign encourages taking a more assertive stance. Focus on the practicalities and, as always, practice patience and tolerance!

Aries, you should notice a definite improvement this week in the atmosphere. It will be easier to be direct and assertive in your interactions with others, something you love! Taking time to set priorities for your daily routine tops your ‘to do’ list.

Make a point to exercise tact and diplomacy in your communications, Taurus, especially the first of the week. If you don’t, you may do damage to your love life just when it is beginning to look interesting. Be careful about overindulging too.

On the whole this is a good week for you to communicate with various family members, Gemini. For the most part being patient should come more easily though there might be moments when you could cheerfully strangle them. Please don’t . . .

Your thinking starts to come into focus this week, Cancer, and your ability to communicate effectively improves. This should come in handy for conversations with your partner and other family members. Are there fences that need mending? If so, start working on those.

An uptick in your energy levels and the desire to be more physically active may strike you now, Leo. If you have some serious thinking to do, do so while taking a brisk walk. Good time to review your personal resources and talents.

You have a lot going for you right now, Virgo, making it a good time set priorities for the next few months or longer. Friends and associates are a good resource to tap and they should be very willing to give you a hand.

What you have in abundance now, Libra, is warmth and charm. Use it wisely to soothe feelings hurt in recent squabbles with loved ones. You might find yourself conflicted by wanting time to yourself whilst wanting to accept invitations from your peers to socialize.

Constructive networking with peers and other associates looks to be one of your priorities this week, Scorpio. Your natural ability to concentrate is enhanced now, making it a great time to tackle complicated projects. This is good because extra work may be coming your way.

Something to consider, Sagittarius, if you are tempted to push your luck this week is not all luck is good, particularly if it involves other people’s money. You too will get a nice shot of energy now and the best place to apply this is your career.

This might be one of those times when you can combine some traveling with a learning opportunity, Capricorn, which suits you perfectly. It is also one of those times when you need your partner’s good will regarding a potential positive career move. Ask nicely!

It is through your one-on-one relationships, Aquarius, where you may get a much needed boost . . . or lots of arguments! Either way it would appear you won’t be bored for awhile. Sudden changes of mind may hurt your love life. Be tactful please.

Need help these days, Pisces? Look to those who know you the best for support, like your partner or life-long friends. They can offer you sensible solutions to your problems, leading to win-win scenarios. Your ability to keep your feet on the ground improves as the week goes on.

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