Observations: Mars in Leo – Dignified, Proud & Enduring

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo

© Erik Von Lehmann

Mars in now in fixed, fiery Leo and is ready to stand up and roar. Fire signs are good for Mars because he enjoys the heat and directness of fire. The only water sign Mars thrives in is subtle, powerful Scorpio, both Cancer and Pisces are way too indirect for the red planet.

Mars in Leo does have some obstacles to overcome before he can stride forward in style. First Neptune in Pisces will drain off some of his vitality via an inconjunct on September 2, after that Saturn in Scorpio puts a major road block up on September 9, then another inconjunct to Pluto in Cappy will tie him in knots on September 11 before Uranus in Aries comes along to encourage him to soar once more on September 14. In other words the worst will be over in about two weeks. Patience will be required to avoid nasty temper tantrums.

After Venus enters Scorpio on September 10, she will turn up the heat with a square to Mars in Leo on September 28. Pride, jealousy and lots of passion are all part of this fixed square. Leo’s love of attention often triggers Scorpio’s possessive side with unpleasant results. Please respect your lover’s sensitivities because if matters do go south the stubbornness fixed signs are noted for may delay reconciliation, perhaps permanently.

Mars in Leo natally usually blesses the individual with great endurance and physical strength. Being too proud to acknowledge the need to take regular breaks can be their downfall and their health may suffer as a result of pushing it too far. For those of you with Mars in Leo, you will be enjoying your Mars Return, something that occurs roughly every two years. Enjoy!


7 responses to “Observations: Mars in Leo – Dignified, Proud & Enduring

  1. Yay – Mars return energy rocks. Mine is at 24.6, so not until October, but I can feel myself gaining speed already.

    • Hey Kaz!
      Great photo. I picked a great day to start work….I hope 🙂

      Thanks! I don’t see any major problems . . . you’ll probably do just fine. Mercury in Libra will be conj your Jupiter bringing out your sense of humor, a plus IMO. 😀

      Good Luck!

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. Diane, my fellow Libra: I am experiencing my Mars Return,ninth house. Endurance has been my middle name for the past 5 years and being proud(or stupid), my health has suffered for it and I’m amazed that I’m still functioning… sort of. I always favored my 9th because that house represents things that interest me. Mars lives there with the moon and (sigh), Pluto.

  3. Mars in Leo here in the ninth house.I always liked the 9th as it affects things that really interests me. Endurance has been my middle name for about 5 years and my health has suffered for it and yes, I’m to proud to admit. Still, Mars has kept me going and given me the strength to remain positive. Natally, Mars lives there with the moon(oh, my mother) and gasp!, Pluto. But I’m looking forward to this Mars Return, followed by Venus return in the first house. Always the optomist.

    • Mars in Leo falls in my 2nd house of earned income. You bet I need it!! Let’s hope I sell some articles.

      For sure! Getting Saturn in Scorpio out of your hair will help too . . . sometimes I wish I could get behind him and PUSH! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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