Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 2, 2013



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Once past Monday when Mars in Leo is subdued by an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, we can look forward to cool, practical Virgo energy being the strongest influence. The Virgo New Moon occurs on Thursday and whilst it does have its unsettling side, it still favors the pragmatism of earth.

On Tuesday the Virgo Sun does run into interference from Uranus in Aries, likely causing impatience with details and much grumbling for anyone having to wait in line. The obvious solution is to ignore the grumblers and mind one’s own business as much as possible.

The weekend features a pleasant sextile between the Virgo Sun and Jupiter in Cancer. This one bodes well for home improvement projects, either completing those already started or deciding what to tackle next.

As the week draws to a close we’ll also begin to notice the waxing Mars-Saturn square, exact on September 9. Any time Saturn steps on Mars, tempers fray and the frustration builds due to feeling thwarted at every turn. This fixed square will weigh most heavily on those with personal planets or Ascendant from 7° to 8° in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Take a page from mutable Virgo’s book and choose to be open and flexible.

As I suggested in my post on the Virgo New Moon, those who plan carefully and pragmatically are more likely to succeed now. Stay within a solid budget and work with what resources are already on hand. No flying by the seat of your pants, OK?!

It might be tough for you to compromise now, Aries, but you may wish to consider doing so. You risk the possibility of alienating your loved ones or damaging your health due to stress. Take a long step back and remember to breathe.

Though you are not usually one to take risks, Taurus, you could find yourself leaning in that direction this week. You may come up with a brilliant idea that you feel merits exploring and your natural practicality will make sure you have the basics covered.

Are you getting the urge to make a few small changes to your home, Gemini? Anyone who knows you well is aware you feel the need to change things up periodically to prevent boredom and it looks like it is that time again.

Your mind is working quite well these days, Cancer, and your emotional pendulum looks to be swinging towards the upbeat side. This is good because you may continue to experience unpredictable events at work. Don’t let those get the better of you.

Between bouts of inexplicable lethargy at the start of the week, Leo, and a noticeable increase in frustration levels towards the end, this is probably not a peak time for you. Take a few moments midweek to contemplate what is most important to you.

Other than a few minor glitches early in the week, Virgo, this is a favorable period for you. Your sense of vitality should be good enabling you to devote more time to your favorite cause. Networking with like-minded people is very beneficial.

What you might be yearning for this week, Libra, is an opportunity to retreat and regroup. Whether or not you will be able to do so is another matter. Feeling overwhelmed by career related demands and your partner’s eccentricities may be why.

Continue to lean on those who share your goals and ideals for support, Scorpio, in part because they probably have your best interests at heart and because they also have all the facts at their finger tips. Consider the repercussions if you butt heads with your boss.

If you haven’t been focusing on your long term goals, Sagittarius, you may miss out on some excellent opportunities at this time, especially if you are interested in branching out into new areas. Make your own luck with careful planning which helps make the right impression.

Focusing on the big picture should come easier for you now, Capricorn. Look to your partner, either business or personal, for help and advice in that regard. Being able to realize your future dreams may require making some shrewd investments now.

In order to make a fresh start it might be time for you to do some serious internal housecleaning, Aquarius. You understand the necessity of clearing out the old to make way for something new and intriguing. Work demands may create problems for you late this week.

There are times when being able to bounce ideas off someone else can bring clarity, Pisces, and this is one of them for you. Go to a trusted long time friend or your life partner for the best and most creative feedback.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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5 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 2, 2013

  1. O dear, o dear. I am kind of secretly in love, although I would like to put it out in the open, but that would give problems (he is treating me as a physical therapist, but he’s a few years younger, but we get along so well, i secretly believe he likes me too, but I am not sure and I don’t know about his private life. I can’t make a pass on him while I’m in treatment. So sweet and frustrating at the same time.
    What can this New Moon do for me? It’s in the 7th house, but opposite my natal Jupiter in the 1st house, and trine my natal Venus in the 12th! (secret love?!) Also, transiting Jupiter is close to conjuncting my natal Saturn in the 6th. Can you tell me anything about what this Moon can do for me? A release? I am almost so far to ask him something like if he would meet me after my programme is done. I guess in his reaction I can hear if he’s interested or not. (i hope that it could be that clear)Also, Mars beginning his long journey in my 7 th house gives me so much hope, while I otherwise think I don’t stand a chance. Even when he’s not interested, would be painful, but acceptable because then I can quit this immense love, it’s eating me. What do you think Diane? I am sooo excited, almost can’t contain myself 🙂

    • Hi Brex!

      he is treating me as a physical therapist, but he’s a few years younger, but we get along so well, i secretly believe he likes me too, but I am not sure and I don’t know about his private life. I can’t make a pass on him while I’m in treatment.

      Oh my! Tricky situation indeed. Perhaps after your treatment program is complete you could see if he would be interested in meeting you for coffee. Usually there are very clear rules for therapists and patient relationships. If you chat during your treatments maybe you could see if he is interested in astrology. Mars transiting your 7th does increase your interest in finding a partner & being more social in general. Tread carefully for now. 😦

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. This Libra horoscope is truly me at the moment and I wish I could retreat for about a month. Career demands and partner eccentricities says it all. I hope my current Mars return in the 9th house will help the situation along.

    • Hi Lynda!

      I hope my current Mars return in the 9th house will help the situation along.

      It will! Once Mars is within 10° of your Moon-Mars conj (mid-Sept) it ought to help boost your energy levels. Today Venus in Libra is conj your Sun! Enjoy! 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  3. Hi all – for some reason my spam filter collected a whole bunch of your comments & I have no idea why. I will check more frequently going forward.

    Summer has been insanely busy as usual . . . hope to find squeeze in more time to respond to everyone’s comments. May it frost SOON! LOL

    xoxoxoxo diane~

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