Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 9, 2013

black eyed susans 522© Diane Lang

After having a rather quiet sky last week, this week it is anything but. We have two planets changing signs: Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra and Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio. Mars in Leo goes from feeling stalled out to racing ahead at full speed and a cardinal T-Square is in effect on the weekend. At least we won’t be bored!

The transition from analytical Virgo to fair minded Libra is usually a low key change for Mercury. Mercury does well in the air signs as they are comfortable living in their heads. However Mercury in Libra has some challenges this week starting with an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday when our thinking may be fuzzy around the edges. It is the weekend that is potentially contentious because Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Aries creating a T-Square. People may get very vocal about what they see as a lack of fairness in the system. There could an upsurge of rebellion against the more traditional elements in society.

Venus in Scorpio has a much sweeter welcome for her with a trine to Neptune in Pisces on Friday. Those who are in love ought to be able to tune out the noise and concentrate on having a pleasant romantic interlude. Just don’t talk about religion or politics, OK?

Monday is the exact Mars-Saturn square, so don’t be surprised to see or feel plenty of frustration and impatience. Tuesday may not be much better when Pluto in Capricorn takes its turn thwarting Mars in Leo via an inconjunct. All those rules and regulations you know. Once Mars breaks free of those two and heads for a trine with Uranus in Aries on Saturday, it could feel like a logjam has broken. The only problem might be the cardinal T-Square occurring at the same time. Taking time to think before speaking is a good plan. No sense on stepping on other people’s toes unnecessarily because they might decide to stomp back . . . hard.

Not the most restful week but we may be able to get a surprising amount accomplished as long as we stay focused on what we’re doing and not get caught up in other people’s dramas.

This might be a roller coaster ride of a week for you, Aries. However, taking your sense of frustration out on those closest to you is not a good plan, especially next weekend. You could get an earful from your partner among others.

Dealings with family and your significant other might be your biggest challenge now, Taurus, with the toughest moments coming early in the week. Hopefully matters will smooth out by the weekend and you can plan a quiet romantic dinner with your sweetie.

Your cheerful chatter may take a more flirtatious tone than usual now, Gemini, and if you are single, you may meet someone with whom you feel a strong mental connection. Get-togethers with your peers this weekend are bound to be very lively.

Cancer, your week might start off with you feeling like you can’t afford to play at this time and yet by the weekend this may all change for the better. Your challenge could be navigating family disputes on the weekend. You will probably get an earful . . .

Not the best time for you to be doing home improvement projects, Leo, as those may not go as planned the first of the week. Thankfully for your blood pressure you should see some progress by the weekend. Be aware you may not be thinking clearly midweek.

What may concern you the most now, Virgo, is how you are managing your money. What changes can you make to improve matters in that regard? Creative solutions are possible if you allow yourself to think outside the box. Set up practical guidelines to work within.

Ordinarily you do a decent job of being the peacemaker, Libra, in part because you usually quite tactful. This week may find your ability to practice diplomacy tested to the limits, especially on the weekend. It will probably be your nearest and dearest who set you off.

Career demands continue to demand the lion’s share of your attention, Scorpio, particularly the first of the week. Once you get those under control, you may want to think about doing something nice for yourself like buying new clothes or having your hair done.

If you are traveling early this week, Sagittarius, prepare for delays of some kind. This situation improves dramatically as the week progresses and your weekend looks very good for fun and games. Socializing this weekend with your peers could be filled with many differences of opinion.

It does look like you may end up spending more time than usual talking to various people at work now, Capricorn. The trick will be keeping those discussions civil and productive as the week progresses. Emotions could run high Friday and Saturday.

Butting heads with your partner (either business or personal) over your career is possible Monday and Tuesday, Aquarius, though that situation should improve later in the week. On the weekend you might remember not everyone shares your taste for “spirited” discussions, OK?

You may be in a dreamy mood most of the week, Pisces, contemplating faraway places with romantic settings. Getting together with friends on the weekend can be fun as long as you avoid conversations about your financial issues. That may lead to some bitter arguments.

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