Full Moon in Pisces, September 19, 2013

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

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Sailing serenely through the sky with only the Virgo Sun for company, the Full Moon at 26° 41′ Pisces on 19 September 2013, 04:13 AM PDT reminds us to exercise compassion and forgiveness. Pisces may appear dreamy and at times, hopelessly romantic, but it does not pay to underestimate the intrinsic power of this water sign.

One of the joys the Pisces Full Moon is willing to teach us is to exercise our imagination and dream a better world into being. Neither the Pisces Moon nor Neptune in Pisces (ruler of Pisces) is encumbered by aspects to other planets. Use compassion and the desire to serve others to the best of our abilities as guidelines when imaging a world where there is a place for everyone. Even though our dreams may not become reality, it doesn’t matter because by spending time dwelling on the possibilities we begin to align ourselves with our better angels. It is a step in the right direction. Remember the Virgo Sun will be there grounding and balancing our flights of fancy with the facts!

Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is in Libra and does have an active role on this lunation. It is sextile Mars in Leo and square to Jupiter in Cancer. Mercury strives to be fair minded in Libra. The Mars-Mercury sextile encourages us to speak our piece in a direct, forthright fashion. It is Jupiter who will want to crank up the rhetoric, especially when talking to family. Libra will keep pressing for the need to hear all sides of the story before passing judgment but may not be heard.

Once again we have Saturn in Scorpio exactly sextile Pluto in Capricorn, bringing their mutual reception into play. Venus in Scorpio adds her bit to the discussion as she conjoins Saturn. This time around Chiron in Pisces chimes in because it is trine Venus-Saturn and sextile Pluto creating a mini-triangle. What I see is excellent potential for more insight into old emotional wounds, perhaps enough for true healing to begin. The tough practicality of Capricorn is there to keep us from wallowing around in sentimentality whilst Scorpio is on hand with the knife needed to lance those wounds, allowing them to drain the nasties away. The only fly in the ointment is Uranus in sitting inconjunct Venus-Saturn, square Pluto and semi-sextile Chiron. There are times when a good jolt from Uranus can clear the air but this time it would be better to ignore Uranus’s demands to go our own way regardless of what others think or feel. Better to stick it out and deal with the grief for once and for all.

Water and earth are the strongest elements in this Full Moon chart and a good reason to rediscover the power of listening, both to other people and our own inner voice. It is a noisy old world out there clamoring for our attention. Sometimes we need a rest from all of that and this is a wonderful lunation to take alone time. Dream a little dream . . . or perhaps a very large one.

On a personal note: My Scorpio ASC receives the attention of the lunar axis with a trine from the Moon and sextile from the Sun. Neptune in Pisces is within a degree of squaring my first house Venus, so I am on the receiving end of the dreaminess of this Full Moon. I’ll take it because by this lunation I’ll be just about to finish the last pass of Saturn in Scorpio squaring my natal Saturn rite of passage. Those usually end up leaving a person feeling like they has been put through a rigorous exam of some kind. This Saturn square Saturn transit has the added benefits of that Venus-Saturn-Pluto-Chiron triangle thrown in. Yikes!

The Mercury-Mars sextile connects to my natal Libra Moon-Pluto in Leo sextile. Perhaps I will be able to articulate more of my feelings about living with Pluto once again. *grin*


2 responses to “Full Moon in Pisces, September 19, 2013

  1. I hate this full moon I have Neptune in my 4th house I don’t want to loose somebody I care deeply about the full moon landing in my 8th house co-ruled by aries trine natal asteroid orcus sextile my MC and perfectly sextile progressed Jupiter natal Neptune is in Sagittarius at the last new moon natal Neptune was squared and my lunar return AC is conjunct natal Neptune Neptune is natally retrograde and of course to ad confusion to this pluto is stop retrograde a day after this full moon I love pluto retrograde even if that caused a lot of heartache the first 8 month of this year it helps regenerate and heal people now that’s gonna be up for debate because it’s gonna station.

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