Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 30, 2013

Libra - sign of the scales

Libra – sign of the scales

© Heidi

Not a very restful week ahead with a scrappy New Moon in Libra and the Libra Sun taking its turn creating a T-Square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun squares Pluto on Tuesday and opposes Uranus on Thursday. We won’t be covering new territory because both Venus and Mercury in Libra have hit this same spot recently. Venus took her turn in late August and Mercury here a couple of weeks ago in mid-September.

Mercury is now in Scorpio and makes two very benign aspects this week starting with an imaginative trine to Neptune in Pisces and ending with an extremely pragmatic sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. The watery trine to Neptune may bring a flood of imagery thru our dreams, both day dreams and night dreams. If you have a problem to solve the best way may to allow it to sink into the back of your mind, and then quietly note what emerges as you are falling asleep or just as you awake. The sextile to earthy Pluto is excellent for working out practical solutions in a direct, no nonsense manner.

As someone who a natal Mercury in Scorpio in the Pisces ruled twelfth house, I am aware we all have our emotion driven blind spots and when I recognize those in other people, I usually let well enough alone. However I have also noticed those with both their Sun and Mercury in air (always the same sign) are bothered by this and usually fail to understand why those blind spots won’t yield to logic and reason. Naturally enough this irritates the heck out of the person with the blind spot. This sort of behavior is very common amongst family members. Another reason to develop your emotional intelligence during Mercury’s stay in Scorpio!

The Libra Sun is now the only air in the sky once more with water still the dominate element and cardinal the dominate mode. This situation favors the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) with a nod to earth. Air and fire signs are at a disadvantage because their normal tactics won’t work as well. Tact, kindness, patience and using our indoor voices are recommended.

Rather than insisting on taking on the world by yourself, Aries, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some help. Your partner and lifelong friends may be willing to back you up as long as you ask nicely. Use tact when talking to your boss this week.

Your situation is not really all that bad, Taurus, in part because you are usually pretty good at knowing how to talk to management types. Where you may run into some opposition is dealing with coworkers and scheduling issues. Best person to listen to? Your significant other.

The next couple of months may have more than a few frustrating moments for you, Gemini, as you may find yourself less fluent with words than usual. Something else to watch out for is throat ailments, especially if you live in a colder climate.

Probably the last thing you wish to do, Cancer, is get caught up in a power struggle with your significant other over conflicts between family demands and your career. This may come to a head this week . . . may I suggest compromise as a solution?

Speaking of tact and diplomacy, you understand very well how to use them effectively, Leo. Your ability to project warmth and caring through words when you wish is really pretty amazing. Apply liberally to conversations with coworkers or employees to prevent rebellion in the ranks.

Overall this is a surprisingly good week for you, Virgo! If you have some serious research to do, dive in and get going. Your mental tenacity is very, very strong right now. Only thing that might be challenging for you is discussions involving your finances.

Have you begun to realize you may be much tougher than you thought, Libra? Standing up for yourself is important as is letting those close to you know you have limits to what nonsense you will put up with. This is all part of learning what you truly value.

In the weeks ahead you may find you are the “go to” person for many reasons, Scorpio. You continue to demonstrate your willingness to make the tough calls and now you may have a chance to show how well you can up with the right data.

You may get a real test to your resolution to live within your budget this week, Sagittarius. Hopefully you’ve been working on your frugal living strategies for long enough the basics are firmly in place because the temptation to splurge on play time may be big.

What may get your dander up now, Capricorn, is the feeling those close to you are determined to challenge your authority, perhaps by behaving badly. How you choose to respond could be critical to the future of those relationships. Resist expressing your inner control freak . . . please?

Your rebellious side could emerge this week, Aquarius, especially if you are around those who consider themselves spiritual teachers. Since you can seldom resist the urge to take a poke at other people’s sacred cows, don’t stop now! Might be just what is needed.

Pisces, if you are struggling with getting a handle on your financial affairs due to impulse spending and/or not putting enough in savings, then you might consider talking to one of your peers whom you respect. Choose someone with financial savvy. OK?

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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