Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 7, 2013

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There are a few speed bumps this week but nothing like last week’s cardinal T-Square whirlwind. The Libra Sun will square Jupiter in Cancer next weekend but if we focus on seeing the humor in situations, we’ll do fine. Maybe eat and drink a bit too much in order to avoid speaking out of turn. *grin*

An event most fire and air sign folk will welcome with open arms is Venus arriving in fiery Sagittarius on Monday, giving us three planets in fire for a little over a week before Mars leaves Leo for quiet Virgo. Humor becomes broader . . . “horse play” might be the appropriate term. Friendly, cheerful Sagittarius is a more comfortable place for Venus to visit after all. A midweek square to Neptune in Pisces softens the edges and allows our creativity to roam free.

The most sobering aspect this week is a conjunction between Mercury in Scorpio and Saturn. It occurs the same day as an inconjunct between Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Keep your statements honest, to the point and firmly based in reality. Something to keep in mind these days is as long as Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception, the painfully practical solution will be better received than going for the ideal one.

Taking some time to relax and enjoy the beauties of autumn (or spring) is a very good option this week. Go for a walk or get together with your friends. The harsher realities will come rushing back in all too soon.

Despite knowing you have plenty of serious obligations to attend to, Aries, this week may be the last in awhile when you can take time to play. Maybe take your sweetheart out to dinner or get together with friends to watch sporting events.

If you are considering investing in what appears to be a humanitarian organization, Taurus, please sit down with your partner and discuss the ramifications. Their ability to detect any funny business is even better than usual. Enjoy yourself over the weekend with close friends.

You might be inspired to do something sweet for your significant other now, Gemini, and as long as it doesn’t involve taking time off from work (which your coworkers may not like), go for it. Play time on the weekend may get expensive.

Now, Cancer, if anyone deserves some quality personal time, it is you. You are seldom as kind to yourself as you are to others, and you need nurturing too. Rather than going out, stay in with a favorite book, movie and comfort food.

When you put your mind to it, Leo, there is no one who can pull off a dramatic, romantic moment like you. Whether the relationship is with someone new and exciting or your long term beloved, you know just how to make them feel appreciated.

This week might find you looking around your home and considering what simple things you can do to brighten it up, Virgo. You may also have noticed you have little to say these days. Don’t worry; what you do say is worth listening too.

Libra, your ability to say the right thing is enhanced now, though this week you may be tempted to gloss over the details to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. This weekend your usual moderate approach might get thrown out in favor of indulging yourself.

Being the responsible party all the time can wear even you down, Scorpio, and that may be why getting out of town over the weekend is looking very good. As long as you are clear on whether or not you can afford it, why not?

Your natural appeal gets turned up a notch now, Sagittarius, but your ability to evaluate exactly how you are coming across to others is a little fuzzy this week. Plan a get together with your peers on the weekend to blow off some steam.

You could be feeling some pressure from those in your social circle, Capricorn, perhaps because you may not have been doing a good job of keeping in touch with them. Take a few moments to rectify this. Devote this weekend to pleasing your significant other.

Career demands are still going to continue weighing on you this week, Aquarius, but you are beginning to feel the need to socialize with like-minded people again. Make room in your busy schedule to relax soon or your health may suffer.

Pisces, you are a natural chameleon and this week you may find this ability very helpful when dealing with those in authority. Since there is a good chance they are already predisposed to like you, don’t lay it on too thick.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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