Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 14, 2013

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Most important shift this week is Mars leaving fiery, flamboyant Leo for quiet, precise Virgo on October 15. This will leave two planets in fire, Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, and only one in air . . . the Libra Sun. Earth and water continue to be the dominant elements asking us to stay focused in the here and now.

Most of this week is spent building up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Friday. Eclipses have a way of expanding their influence beyond the usual for lunations. The Full Moon opposition is enhanced because it is Aries opposing Libra, bringing relationship challenges to the foreground. We may need to examine where we are putting our own interests ahead of our partners AND where we place our partner’s needs before our own. This is part of the relationship package, folks, because learning how to keep these two elements in some sort of balance can mean the difference between a healthy relationship and a dying one.

Venus in Sagittarius has a say in what’s happening too. On Wednesday, she will square Chiron in Pisces, be semi-sextile to Pluto and trine Uranus in Aries. Something to take into consideration is how the desire to feel free and unfettered affects the vulnerabilities of our partner. Both Aries and Sagittarius are signs that value their autonomy greatly and can resent what they feel are attempts to tell them how to live their lives. Learning what our personal relationship priorities are is very important because if the relationship asks more than we wish to give, resentment can quickly build.

Probably the trickiest aspect of the week is Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces on the weekend. With the Mars-Neptune opposition it may be our spiritual needs and direction coming in conflict with our partner’s. Neptune has a way of draining the vitality from Mars, making it more challenging to recover from stressful events in our lives. Often there is a lack of clear direction due to Neptune’s fogs and illusions to deal with. Mars hates this! Might not be the best weekend to plan a big event. A better idea might be to go on retreat or spend a quiet weekend at home with your family.

All those relationships issues I mentioned above, Aries, may apply to you and your one-on-one relationships. Please be aware you may not be getting the whole story at this time, so reserve judgment for now. Day to day activity patterns need tuning up.

Taking time to play begins to appeal to you, Taurus. If you have children you could find yourself devoting more time to them or perhaps unleashing your inner child through creativity. The urge to do something romantic may strike you over the weekend.

Your social butterfly side may emerge midweek, Gemini, and if you are offered an opportunity to get together with your peers, go for it! You might also find yourself juggling home and career demands as well as attempting to please your friends or lovers.

It would appear you may have some pleasant surprises in store regarding your work situation this week, Cancer. If you are given opportunities to adjust your daily schedule, please consider doing so . . . for the sake of your health if nothing else.

It is time to shift your attention from self-improvement projects to doing something constructive about earning ability, Leo. Any possibilities that appear where you can expand your education through creative means jump all over. Those may have great potential down the road.

Here’s the deal, Virgo . . . once you get past the drop in energy this week, you’ll find you have plenty to spare in the weeks ahead. If you have been considering relocating or making some improvements to your home, stay alert midweek.

This could be an uneven week for you, Libra, with some sweet news and some sour. Midweek looks like the time when all this will intensify. You may experience a breakthrough regarding your partner but still feel frustrated by family and finances.

After putting a great deal of time and energy into furthering your professional goals over the past couple of months, Scorpio, you could find your attention shifting to more social venues. Networking with your associates or simply hanging out with friends may appeal.

It is time for you to get fired up about improving your public image, Sagittarius, and this is a good time to do so because you are already attracting positive attention. Dealings with family on the weekend may have some odd moments of misunderstanding.

Familiar themes emerge once more for you, Capricorn. Managing to balance your desire to meet current professional demands with family concerns continues to challenge you. If you wish to avoid frustrating yourself further, don’t discuss politics and religion on the weekend.

Aquarius, one of the areas you shine in is inspiring others to see the big picture and do what they can to help with humanitarian efforts. Coming up with the right words to draw others to your favorite cause may be easier than usual now.

Your one-on-one relationships could begin to ask for more of your attention this week, Pisces, and even though your first impulse may be to fade back into the fog, please do your best to step up and deal with them. This should work better after this weekend.

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