Observations: Mars is now in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

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It is amazing what a difference having Mars in precise, earthy Virgo makes after the past month or so in brilliant, dramatic Leo. This is a hardworking Mars who is capable of multitasking with the best of them and restoring order to the most chaotic situation. Patient, exacting and service oriented are all part of Mars in the sixth sign.

One of the best parts of having Mars in Virgo is how easily it will harmonize with all the other planets from Jupiter on out with the exception of Uranus in Aries. With the fourth exact square between Uranus and Pluto in Capricorn occurring on November 1, we can take some comfort from knowing Mars will be a calming influence rather than an inflaming one. Come next April and the fifth exact square, this will definitely not be the case . . . Mars will be in cardinal Libra, adding to the stress.

The first aspect to Mars will be an opposition to dreamy Neptune in Pisces on October 19. Though some may feel lethargic, others will find this opposition soothing, allowing them to relax for a change. If you have personal planets at 2° in the mutable signs, it is possible you will be more aware of this rather subtle event. Makes me sleepy just thinking about this opposition creating a T-Square with my first house Venus!

It is on October 31, Halloween, when Mars will be trine Pluto and inconjunct Uranus. If you are planning to be out and about partying, please be extra aware of your surroundings in order to avoid accidents. The temptation to behave recklessly may hit unexpectedly. The Mars-Pluto trine is excellent for keeping tempers under wraps and allowing people to settle their differences without coming to blows, something much needed at that time.

November 9 is when Mars is sextile Saturn in Scorpio, a very useful aspect for setting priorities and catching up with our workload. Take a “no nonsense” approach and emphasize the practicalities. Since Mercury in Scorpio is stationing direct the next day, we’ll probably be grateful for the help.

Jupiter in Cancer will be sextile to Mars in Virgo on November 19. Any Mars-Jupiter aspect brings more energy online and this one is no exception. However, we’re talking Virgo and Cancer so we may notice this most in our daily routines and around the home. A little humor is bound to find its way into our lives too.

On December 7, Mars enters Libra for an extended stay due to a retrograde period during the first half of 2014. It will be late July 2014 before Mars slips into Scorpio. I’ll be writing more about this event all too soon. *sigh*