Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 21, 2013

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When the week starts off with Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio followed by the Sun leaving social Libra for reserved Scorpio the next day, circumstances favor the quiet, introspective folk who happily spend most of their time alone. Most of us still have to head out the door for work regardless and interact with people whether we like it or not. It is an excellent time to do research if you are a writer or do investigative work of any kind.

A trine to Neptune in Pisces on October 25 will bring out the caring, compassionate side of Scorpio . . . which they do have you know. Scorpios can work tirelessly bringing help and healing to those in genuine need. Hypochondriacs, however, will be shown the door.

Venus in Sagittarius makes its last major aspect on Saturday – an inconjunct to Jupiter in Cancer. That ought to encourage all sorts of risky behavior on the weekend before Halloween! Adventurous Venus in Sagittarius with no brakes on can get into mischief like you wouldn’t believe. I’m wincing just thinking about it.

On Thursday and Friday when the Moon is in Cancer, there will be six planets in water and nothing in air. We may all have to learn how to breathe underwater for awhile. At the very least, it would be a good idea to pay more attention to what is being communicated non-verbally. Emotions will be in the driver’s seat instead of the intellect on those days.

Anytime Mercury is retrograde it is a good idea to allow extra travel time and verify all important information. Thankfully Mercury in Scorpio is naturally focused and not easily distracted . . . very useful when reading the fine print. When in doubt say nothing is a typical Scorpio response. This week we might all want to do that!

For one reason or another, Aries, you have probably been under pressure for awhile. Now it is time to face the hard, cold truth you might have to reinvent yourself in order to move forward. Introspection is not your favorite thing but it’s necessary now.

Even though it may take some doing to pry words out of your partner, Taurus, it should be worth the effort to do so. They are digging deep within and coming up with some veritable gems of information. Plan on giving them extra attention for the next while.

Along with Libra and Aquarius you will very likely find it hard to breathe this week, Gemini. It might take you longer than usual to get through your daily chores because of the need to go back and grab something you forgot. Crazy making.

Spending time with those folk who share your creative interests, Cancer, should appeal to you now. Either that or an old acquaintance might show up on your door step and talk your ear off. The weekend looks lovely for romance or simply relaxing.

Conversations with family members may take some odd turns now, Leo, and leave you wondering whether or not you made yourself clear. Prepare to repeat yourself several times if necessary to make sure you are being understood. Very favorable weekend for you to party.

It is a good thing you have a decidedly practical side, Virgo, and are aware plans can go awry and it can take time to sort things out. You may find yourself in the middle of muddled situations that require focus and tact to fix.

Wave goodbye to your time in the spotlight, Libra! You have probably already shifted some of your attention to contemplating ways to improve your financial situation and determining what your critical priorities are. Talk to your close friends about this on the weekend.

You are coming into your own now, Scorpio, and should be in a position to let others know you are someone to be reckoned with in the days ahead. Please don’t be afraid to completely undo and redo your work to your personal satisfaction.

Most of this week you could be far more focused on your internal workings than on what is going around you, Sagittarius. However come the weekend your interest in getting together with friends for some fun and games should return. Enjoy yourself!

No time like the present to sit down and review your goals and objectives, Capricorn. Are the decisions you’ve made regarding your career recently working out all right for you? Have you been able to resolve any difficulties where your family is concerned? Think it over carefully.

The focus on your professional life deepens beginning this week, Aquarius, and it would be advisable to be very careful when it comes to maintaining a clear line of communication with your superiors. Take time on the weekend to relax with your partner.

Is the urge to plan a vacation creeping up on you, Pisces? Are you dreaming on walking on a warm, sandy beach by the ocean? If you decide to go, please verify all your reservations and travel arrangements before heading out the door.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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2 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 21, 2013

  1. Hmm… this seems to be accurate. I just accepted a promotion at work. 🙂 It’s a minor supervisory position, training in newbies to the work I do, observing them as they see/work with patients, doing some quality assurance, etc., but without having to actually be a supervisor. Mainly I was asked to this position because I’m a steady old workhorse in the field and because they don’t have to keep after me to get my work done. 🙂 I rather thought Joop entering my 2nd house would be helpful with income, but nothing seemed to be happening. However, just as it left my 2nd, I was able to close on a home equity line of credit and with it, pay off and consolidate every debt to one manageable lump, that will save me a ton of interest in the long run. And now this promotion. It does take the energy awhile to build steam, doesn’t it? Kind of like the planet ingresses into a sign or house, and the momentum takes some time to ramp up, and then when it leaves, it leaves a “wake” that you can either ride or go under, depending on the energy involved and how you used it.

    • Hey Joe! 😀

      I rather thought Joop entering my 2nd house would be helpful with income, but nothing seemed to be happening. However, just as it left my 2nd, I was able to close on a home equity line of credit and with it, pay off and consolidate every debt to one manageable lump, that will save me a ton of interest in the long run. And now this promotion.

      Wonderful! I haven’t inherited a ton of money yet w/Jupiter transiting my 8th house either . . . 😉 However, we are doing better than we were last Spring. What I have seen Jupiter do is inspire a positive attitude and give one the energy to pursue better options as you have done w/your loan consolidation. I patiently went thru the tedious process of applying for a senior reduction in property taxes successfully. It wasn’t much but did offset some of the recent increases. My Scorp sister finally figured out how to tap into 1/2 of her ex’s Social Security and that has given her just enough of a boost in income to begin to seriously pay down her debt/loan.

      Enjoy Jupiter’s extended trine to your Sun as well as having it in your Solar Return for the coming year! 😀

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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