Observations: Mercury Rx Musings

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As usual what I notice most during Mercury retrogrades is the time dilation. Either my days go rushing by or move at a crawl, seriously messing with my ability to judge how much time has passed. This morning when I woke and realized it was Wednesday, I was surprised . . . it felt more like Thursday! I’m either sleeping heavily or tossing and turning. All of the above relate to Mercury retrograde in my twelfth house and conjoining Saturn, who rules time, in Scorpio.

What I hope to do today is catch up on responding to comments and write a post on Venus in Capricorn. This year Venus’s stay in Capricorn is complicated because she will spend about six weeks retrograde over the turn of the year.

Also want to take a moment and reassure people about this weekend’s sky. Think about this . . . at any given time there are bad things happening to a few people whilst the majority goes about their lives as usual. Most news is of the “if it bleeds, it leads” variety whilst many of us live very ordinary lives and there is NOTHING wrong with that! With all the emphasis on Scorpio, the likelihood is if you are strongly affected by either the Uranus-Pluto square or the Solar Eclipse the initial impact should be largely internal. Yes, I imagine there will be plenty of obsessing over stuff others would consider minor. *grin*

Here are some links to other astrologer’s thoughts on either the Solar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde or both:

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Jeff Jawer of StarIQ – New Moon Report including the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Ralfee Finn’s for the coming week – Weekly Frequency

A timely post from Christina – Astrology of Now: Journey Into The Heart Of The Night

Take care, do your best to stay and Happy Halloween!

3 responses to “Observations: Mercury Rx Musings

  1. Happy Halloween.
    I hear ya about the days and time. Slow, slow, quick, quick slow…gawd!
    My favourite aside at the moment is
    ” UP THE REVOLUTION” ? 😉 xox

    • Hey Kaz!! 😀
      My favorite aside at the moment is “UP THE REVOLUTION” ? 😉


      When Mercury is direct & catches up with Saturn just inside your 10th House, maybe you will have a focus for your revolution! 😀 That’ll happen the last weekend in the gloom of late November. You know . . . lots of mud, no leaves and overcast. Hey, you all may even have snow again this winter.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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