Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 11, 2013

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We start the week gently drifting along under a Pisces Moon before being jolted awake when the Moon hits Aries and ending the week very well anchored by the Taurus Full Moon.

Mercury in Scorpio is now direct and the first aspect it makes is a trine to dreamy Neptune in Pisces on Monday. Since Neptune is at a standstill preparing to station direct on Wednesday at 2° Pisces, there is a very good possibility the doors to the underworld/unconscious will be wide open. This situation is fraught with both hope and despair because of what we might learn and then what we do with the information. Spiritual awakenings tend to be heart wrenching and exquisitely painful events for most. Tempering this energy somewhat is a trine between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter in Cancer.

On Thursday and Friday Venus in Capricorn hits the Uranus-Pluto square. The repercussions to our intimate relationships could be quite terminal. Whilst Venus squares Uranus, it conjoins Pluto and Pluto can be downright ruthless when crossed. Capricorn rarely ignores public displays of infidelity or rudeness, no matter what happens behind closed doors. With Pluto’s backing, Venus is more likely to toss her lover right out the door . . . for good. Being unforgiving is also a Pluto thing. In other words, treat your partner/lover with utmost respect and don’t step on their dignity in front of others. Of course, if you’re REALLY smart you will always be kind and loving towards them no matter where you are.

The Moon is in Taurus most of the weekend and will be full on Sunday. We might as well get comfortable in our bodies and revel in our physical senses. It certainly is a good idea to spend time focused in the moment rather than worrying about “what ifs”, something this Taurus Full Moon is happy to remind us.

Patience and persistence will get the gold stars this week, not brilliant flashes of inspiration or quick thinking. If you don’t find your answer right away, keep on plugging away and you’ll get there eventually.

The desire to break out and go your own way could hit again this week, Aries, and it will be up to you to decide whether or not it will be worth it. Think it through because you could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Not many people would call you a dreamer, Taurus, because of your reputation for believing only in what’s tangible. However you do have dreams and now is a good time to have faith you can turn those into reality. Get feedback from your partner too.

The current atmosphere sure doesn’t favor your way of getting results, Gemini, and you are probably none too happy now. Endless patience and a willingness to go back over everything several times to get results are required. This is boring but necessary.

The gentle, dreaminess prevailing the first part of the week can be very soothing to your nerves, Cancer, and may inspire you to consider taking an actual vacation. Please don’t let your boss’s erratic behaviors damage an important partnership later in the week.

You are another who may be feeling somewhat subdued these days, Leo. Talking your issues out with family may help but be very careful to choose the right one to open up to. Don’t let micro-managing co-workers bother you either no matter how cute they are.

As your mental gears begin to reengage this week, Virgo, the fog will gradually lift and clarity will return. Your creative imagination may take flight the first half of the week. Jot those revelations down for future reference or risk losing them all together.

All the emphasis on being practical and living within your budget makes sense to you, Libra, but it is also wearing you down. You might be experiencing odd health issues and feeling out of sorts. Take some “me” time on the weekend to regroup.

Life in your world, Scorpio, is tough but good. Let your inner child out to play the first half of the week before allowing more concrete demands on your time and energy to take over later on. Spend time with your significant other on the weekend.

Your concept of home can be a little fuzzy around the edges, Sagittarius, and family is something you love the most from a distance. At this time, being with your family may look more attractive than usual. Ignore that little voice encouraging you to gamble this week.

Behind your contained exterior, Capricorn, is a surprisingly lively imagination. Use this to further your long range goals with the help of your friends. Don’t be afraid to dream big or let a family member get under your skin with their snarky behavior.

When it comes to money and possessions, Aquarius, you tend to be rather idealistic and believe in communal goals. This is something you might want to take into account as you review your financial situation. This weekend consider how your public image and commitments affect your family.

You are faring better than many others these days, Pisces, because you can see through most illusions with ease when you choose. Now is a great time for you to act as a native guide to your loved ones as well as perfect strangers.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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6 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 11, 2013

  1. Hi Diane! Just read your story about Venus long stay in Capricorn, and I found out that in my solar return chart (for the next year, starting 25th Dec) Venus will be retrograde. Though she makes a trine from 5th house to 2nd house Moon, will this be bad for my finances? I am recovered from my back problems and really have to get a job soon! Maybe I should also say that in this solar chart there is an exact opposition from Uranus in the 8th to Mars in the 2nd house…. What can you say about this, I am totally unclear about it. (about the houses, you know I use Placidus 😉
    Uranus-Mars is not my favorite combination…
    XXX Brex

    • Hi Brex!

      I like the Venus-Moon trine in your solar return! Do you have Virgo ASC & a Taurus MC in the solar return chart you calculated? If so, then that trine looks very helpful for getting back into the workforce. Don’t worry about Venus Rx either. I don’t recall it having any effect in my SR a couple of years ago & Venus is my ruling planet. Mars in the 2nd is great for getting out there & actively looking for ways to improve your income. Uranus opp says stay open to unexpected opportunities. Your Solar return is very strongly cardinal earth, or Capricorn. In other words, this coming year you will be most effective by allowing your Cappy side out to play! 😀

      Good luck!

      xoxoxoxoxo diane~

  2. Thanks, sweet Diane! Yes, you are right about Virgo ASC en Taurus MC, I did not even see that yet 🙂 That means, beside the cardinal grand square also a grand earth trine, that really should help. Okay, I’ll try to consider Uranus as unexpected opportunities (instead of unexpected things that keep me off work, or off track 😉 And, yes, I also see now there is a lot in Cappy going on, but actually I am happy it’s all 5th house. Maybe I should not emphasize the house so much, but I have had a lonely time with Saturn transiting my 8th house (finally in 9th now) and my progressed Moon just came in the sign of Scorpio, and I can really feel the shift from airy Libra to dark watery Scorpio. My mood got darker since then and I have to look hard for my sense of humour… Maybe i’ll get used to it in a month or so. It feels so serious! Thanks for your Airy, Light Libra support, I cherish it!

    • Hey Brex!

      my progressed Moon just came in the sign of Scorpio, and I can really feel the shift from airy Libra to dark watery Scorpio. My mood got darker since then and I have to look hard for my sense of humour… Maybe i’ll get used to it in a month or so. It feels so serious!

      There is usually an adjustment period when the pMoon changes signs. I see your pMoon will be conj pUranus shortly & then be trine your pVenus in January & February. Maybe that will stir things up in your emotional life! 😀

      xoxoxoxxo diane~

  3. Been a mondo bizarro week for me… I kind of wonder if my Gem Asc engages in constant conflict with my 1h Saturn. Maybe Gemini’s Peter Pan POV creates friction with the Lord of Time. All of my friends have always been older than I am, but when it comes to getting older myself, it’s unnerving.

    OTOH, I just got promoted to a position based on my steady old workhorse work-ethic, so it’s not all bad news. :)Joe

    • Hey Joe! 😀

      All of my friends have always been older than I am, but when it comes to getting older myself, it’s unnerving.

      Yes, that sounds like Gemini Rising. 😛 Remember you are about to have Uranus opp Uranus (starts July 2015) and Saturn opp Saturn. Crunch time is Dec 2016 when both are exact. Saturn in Sagittarius may bring your issues about you really feel about aging front and center! 🙂

      Congratulations on your promotion! Well deserved I’m sure! 😀

      xoxoxoxoxxo diane~

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