Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 25, 2013



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Since the week begins with the final Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio for the year, plan on taking a methodical, in-depth approach to problem solving and communications in general. This is the most sobering aspect all week and once we get past it, the atmosphere begins to encourage us to enjoy life again. After all, the Sun is now in fiery, outgoing Sagittarius!

The tone of conversations becomes more conciliatory and upbeat mid-week when Mercury in Scorpio is sextile to Venus in Capricorn and trine that optimist, Jupiter in Cancer. For those who need to have an important discussion with your boss or parents, this is a favorable time for that.

For those of us in the USA who are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, this bodes well for being able to make nice with our extended families. Thursday is also the day when Venus in Capricorn opposes Jupiter in Cancer at 19° . . . an excellent aspect for promoting good will between couples as well as family. We’ll all probably eat too much, spend far too much time watching sports and catching up with friends. The Moon will be in socially adept Libra and whilst this is good for being tactful, there might still be undercurrents of discord due to the Moon tripping over Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Speaking of Uranus in Aries, it will be trine the Sagittarius Sun on Saturday at 8°, stirring our imaginations and reigniting our spirits again. Those fire and air sign folk who have been feeling blah for quite awhile may find this aspect recharges their creativity. It could also encourage everyone to get out of the house and be active. Holiday shopping trips anyone?

On Sunday the Sun will be semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn and if we got a little carried away the day before this aspect should sober us up. With the Moon in Scorpio it will be a good day to reflect and set priorities for the following week.

Enjoy your first week with the Sun in Sagittarius, everyone!

If you have been looking for a good time to sit down and discuss important matters with your employer, Aries, this week looks promising for that. Maintaining an optimistic attitude should come easier for you now too. Use this to your advantage.

You are still well placed to accomplish your goals, Taurus, and this week definitely favors sitting down with your partner, either business or personal, to go over your jointly held resources. Staying upbeat and optimistic when conversing with close friends comes easily now.

Hey, life is looking brighter for you, Gemini, though still a little too dense and intense to make you truly happy. However if you need to tackle complex issues and probe a little deeper than usual, you can do it. Look to your significant other to keep your spirits up.

Hopefully you are feeling the love from your best friend or significant other these days, Cancer. If they have been encouraging you to take your creative ideas and do something with those, listen to them. Your coworkers may have a positive impact on your career now.

Whilst there is still plenty of room for improvement in your world, Leo, life is still feeling much sweeter than it has in awhile. Yes, you need to check in with your extended family but that probably will turn out better than you had thought.

First part of the week looks solid for handling important communications, Virgo. You should be able to put your hands on whatever you need to complete various projects. Be sure to take time to get together with like-minded people for good, old fashioned fun too.

Getting back in touch with your close friends and/or siblings may be on your agenda now, Libra, as your interest in touching base with them increases. You may also find yourself hosting a family gathering later this week . . . and you’ll enjoy doing so.

It would appear to be a very good time for you to pull together the final details on a project you’ve had in works for the past month or so, Scorpio. You may or may not have allowed others in on this but you probably will quite soon.

You are feeling pretty darn good these days, Sagittarius, and your naturally “glass half full” attitude is shining through. If you are single you might meet someone who intrigues you later this week. If not, then plan a fun outing with your special someone.

This looks to be another good week for you, Capricorn. The hard work you have put into making helpful alliances may begin to produce pleasing results. You might want to consider what you’d enjoy doing to celebrate your success. Be sure to thank your partner for their help.

In order to get your week off to a good start, Aquarius, answer any work related messages promptly and tactfully. You might want to devote some time to your favorite causes and charities too. A burst of inspiration may hit late this week. Enjoy!

Pisces, you too are in a good place these days with plenty of decent options open to you. This happens to be an excellent time to explore educational opportunities, so don’t turn those down. Wouldn’t hurt to ask the boss for a raise either . . .

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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