Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 2, 2013



© Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Ready or not, here we go!! A rambunctious New Moon in Sagittarius hits the ground running on Monday and anyone who doesn’t have their suitcase of ideas packed may get left behind. The pace picks up this week and our horizons expand.

The very productive Mercury in Scorpio sextile to Mars in Virgo is exact on Tuesday and gives us one last opportunity to play catch up. I happen to love this aspect. It is perfect for crunching data and making it usable for all.

Major shift in the way we approach problem solving and communications in general comes on Wednesday when Mercury finally crawls out of Scorpio into fiery, free thinking Sagittarius. We go from being able to do in-depth research to being able to see the big picture. Humor is earthier and less dry, spicing conversations with laughter and good will. Sagittarius, like Aries, places a high premium on being honest with little regard for the feelings of the listener. Of the fire signs only Leo, who has diplomatic Libra on the cusp of the solar third house, uses a softer, more tactful delivery.

The storyteller side of Mercury in Sagittarius emerges on Friday when it squares Neptune in Pisces. Go ahead and enjoy the moment but don’t take what is being said as fact. All those pretty words may turn out to be fairy gold and dissolve into thin air the following morning. Keep this mind if you are tempted to fudge a bit too.

Other big news this week is Mars entering Libra on Saturday where it will remain until late July 2014. I will be writing much, much more about this extended visit in the future. The one bright spot of having Mars in Libra is we will have air represented once more. This vital element has been absent for awhile and without air it is very difficult to tap into the mental sphere which gives us much needed perspective and detachment.

Enjoy the Sagittarius buzz while it lasts! Once we hit the Solstice on 21 December it rapidly fades away until next year.

Focus on getting work related obligations out of the way the first part of the week, Aries, because the desire to do something adventurous increases later on. Make sure you read the fine print before making commitments on Friday to prevent misunderstandings.

If you in the process of discussing investment options with your banker or investment counselor, Taurus, do so on Monday or Tuesday if you can. The advice you get then will be more reliable and less risky than what you might hear later in the week.

By this weekend, you should be in the mood for having some pre-holiday fun, Gemini. The atmosphere will feel lighter and brighter to you and your mind is finally beginning to feel like your own again. Your natural wittiness is back too!

Your ability to handle all those pesky little details will be operating at peak efficiency Monday and Tuesday, Cancer, so schedule your tasks accordingly. On Friday you may be tempted to set aside your usual healthy routines and you might not enjoy the consequences. Careful!

For the next three weeks or so, Leo, your creative drive should be humming along nicely. That is unless the desire to head out and play doesn’t consume the better part of your time and energy. Watch out for tricksy types this Friday.

You too, Virgo, will find the first couple of days this week the most productive when your mind will be particularly acute. By midweek matters related to your home and family begin to demand attention. Be especially careful to sort fact from fiction later in the week.

Using humor to defuse tense situations is something you are rather good at, Libra, and this skill comes to forefront this week. You might be tempted to drift away from the truth on Friday to please your audience. Be careful with that.

Wrap up important discussions on long term objectives the first part of the week, Scorpio, because even more of your attention is going to shift to contemplating your personal resources and what to do with them. Avoid wishful thinking in that regard on Friday.

What can I say, Sagittarius, you are in your element now with plenty of good will to spread around! Enjoy being the center of attention for the next three weeks because after that you are going to have more serious matters to attend to.

If you have legal matters you are handling, Capricorn, then use Monday and Tuesday to wrap those up if possible. There is a good chance the important details will fall into place for you. After this weekend, your career/work situation may get a little more contentious.

The next three weeks may be a wonderful time for you, Aquarius, because the focus will be on some of your favorite things such as combining holiday gatherings with promoting your favorite organizations. Don’t promise more than you can afford on Friday.

No matter what is going on with you elsewhere, Pisces, you are usually good at putting on a smiling face at work. This should be a good time to have an important discussion with your superiors. Tactful would be good, embellishing the truth not so good.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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