Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 9, 2013



© Laura Ashford

If it weren’t for the calming influence of the exact trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer midweek, the temptation to get caught up in irrational exuberance would be nigh unto impossible to resist . . . and some fire and air folk probably won’t be able to even then.

Contributing to the exuberant side of this is an inconjunct between the Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter in Cancer, on Tuesday. Those out buying Christmas gifts for family could end up spending far more than they can afford. To avoid doing too much damage to the budget, only pay in cash and leave the plastic at home. Running up debt now makes for a grim January when practical Capricorn rules the sky and the bills come due.

Mercury in Sagittarius is sweetly trine to Uranus in Aries the same day as the Sun-Jupiter inconjunct and definitely contributes to making snap decisions, wise or not. What this trine is best for is coming up with original solutions to long standing problems. Grab those brilliant ideas as they streak by or risk losing them all together.

More than anything, the Jupiter-Saturn trine in water stabilizes the emotions. Pragmatic Saturn in Scorpio anchors the quietly upbeat energy of Jupiter in Cancer and we all benefit. If you have personal planets/ASC from 17° to 19° in the water signs, you stand to gain the most from this aspect.

Early Friday morning Mars in Libra will be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces at 2° and figuring where to go out to dinner could become very, very torturous. Passive aggressive behaviors and false humility may abound. Gah!

The obstacles this week are not going to be easy to spot. We’ll probably find them when we trip over them. The overall mood continues to be pleasant and cheery thanks to the both the Sun and Mercury being in Sagittarius and this may drown out those quiet voices urging us to be cautious. Do your best to listen because the Solstice and Venus stationing retrograde are just around the corner.

Like to admit it or not, Aries, you may be one of those susceptible to the surge of irrational exuberance the first half of the week. You should be OK as long as you set boundaries ahead of time. Your energy may go sideways Friday.

What might may tempt you now, Taurus, is dabbling in investments that may be riskier than you realize. The best person to consult these days continues to be your partner and conversations with them are likely to be fruitful. Don’t overdo late this week.

Maintaining a cheerful outlook is fairly easy for you these days, Gemini. You are a social animal and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Mixing work with pleasure later this week might not be such a good idea, so take care.

Watch out and make sure you don’t accidentally over-schedule yourself the first part of the week, Cancer. Check your calendar before committing yourself. If you are considering making changes to your home or perhaps moving, hold off finalizing your plans for a week or so.

You too could get caught up in your creative visions, Leo, and end up overextending yourself the first part of the week. The best advice may come from older family members who have your best interests at heart. Be aware you may not be thinking clearly late this week.

If you are sprucing up your home for the holidays, Virgo, you might find yourself going all out this year. If you are out shopping for decorations early in the week, you may come home with more than you planned on. Have fun!

You are a cheerful earful these days, Libra, spreading goodwill and smiles around to all you meet. The first part of the week your energy levels will be good but as the week progresses this may change. Rest up before the weekend if you can.

It is your calm, centered attitude this week, Scorpio that may win the day for you. There is a possibility you may see some improvement in your cash flow the first part of the week. Be careful who you flirt with later on. All may not be as advertised.

All I can say, Sagittarius, is enjoy yourself while you can. This is your time of year to shine and you may as well make the most of it. Getting together with your associates later in the week may not go as well as you hoped.

Between your partner and your colleagues you should have plenty of quiet support this week, Capricorn. The uptick in work related demands on your time begins in earnest now. Take extra care to be clear when communicating with your boss late in the week.

Bouncing ideas off your associates should produce excellent results for you the first part of the week, Aquarius. Please record as much as possible so you don’t lose any of these insights. Coordinating with employees or coworkers should flow well for you at this time.

Not much will be able to shake your sense of timing now, Pisces, if you tap into your intuition for guidance. The first half of the week is excellent for dealing with those in authority including your parents or your boss. You might even get a raise!

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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