Full Moon in Gemini, December 17, 2013

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There is an edgy, uneasy feeling to the Full Moon at 25° 36′ Gemini on 17 December 2013, 01:28 AM PST, like being in a room full of people separated off in small groups and all glaring at one another. Normally a Gemini Full Moon is wonderful for social events and exchanging information with all and sundry but not this one, too many elephants in the room.

The planet aspecting the Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon is Venus in Capricorn at 28°. It is semi-sextile the Sun and inconjunct the Moon. Venus in Capricorn is a very able social arbitrator and understands the reasoning behind the importance of good manners. Sagittarius is not noted for tact, especially if they feel they have the right of it, and Gemini can be witty at the expense of other people’s feelings at awkward moments. Think again if you don’t believe Venus in Cappy can’t set both straight in short order! Be polite if it kills you . . . OK?

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in outgoing Sagittarius at 18° but it is not particularly comfortable. It is exactly semi-sextile dour Saturn in Scorpio and inconjunct Jupiter in Cancer. Water signs Scorpio and Cancer often find Sagittarius loud, opinionated and prone to stepping on sensitive water sign toes. The end result is Mercury in Sagittarius feeling like its parade has been rained on, dampening its sense of humor.

Part of the unrest is due to Uranus stationing direct at 8° Aries, still square to Pluto in Capricorn and feeling the pressure of a waxing opposition from Mars in Libra. The opposition will be exact on December 25 and that ought to make for some lively family gatherings. These days when Uranus stations in Aries, the subtle vibration sparks rebellious feelings in many of us whether we speak up or not. Mars in fair minded Libra is likely to stand up for those he feels are being treated with a lack of respect or rudeness, something Uranus in Aries is all too capable of. I foresee more than a few heated discussions in the days ahead.

Mars in Libra is slowly slipping out of a waning inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces that was exact on December 13. Thankfully. Those who felt knocked off balance by this aspect should be recovering their energy by this Full Moon. Hard Mars-Neptune aspects can drain our vitality in surprisingly short order. If you were affected, please continue to get extra sleep, eat right and avoid intoxicants. That’s right . . . no sneaking eggnog or sugar cookies for a midnight snack!

The serene Saturn in Scorpio-Jupiter in Cancer trine will have an uphill battle soothing hurt feelings and jangled nerves but it will do its best. As we navigate this contentious Full Moon bear in mind those behaviors that most offend us in others are often reflections of what we don’t like about ourselves. I’m not sure whether agreeing to disagree will work under these conditions, so if you are feeling thin skinned and sensitive it may be wise to stay in the background for now. This is an excellent time to practice being kind, forbearing and patient with ourselves and others. Play nice please!

On a personal note: The planets in the chart of this Full Moon touch my natal chart only in passing. The lunar axis places the Sun semi-sextile my ASC and the Moon semi-sextile my DES. No biggie. Saturn is now within a couple of degrees of my Scorpio Mars and that will probably drag me down some though having Jupiter in the picture eases the effects for this pass. The nagging irritant of Neptune in Pisces squaring my Venus is almost over! It moves on to 3° just before Christmas. Yay!


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  1. What about us 29 degree suns does that form any aspects? Personally I’m happy Uranus is u-turning 🙂

    • Hey Kaz!

      You ought to enjoy this Full Moon since the Sun is within a couple degrees of your Moon, making it easy for you to see the upside of life. 😀 I see Venus in Cappy is conjoining your Ceres so maybe treat yourself to something that makes you feel nurtured.

      xoxoxoxoxo diane~

        • LOL! Mercury in Sag is conj your Mars today & the Sun is closing on your Moon . . . no wonder you couldn’t resist a red dress! Cappy Rising folk are usually pretty conservative in their color choices. 😀

          xoxoxoxoxox diane~

  2. Jeeze, 25 degrees Gemini is my DC. I’ve been working on re establishing a relationship with a Gemini, we’ve been talking a lot but it’s been slow progress forward. Venus in cap in my 1H squaring my moon/Pluto in libra in my 10H, Venus conj my progressed AC, conj the geminis NN and trining his Pluto in Virgo. The sun in sag will be conj my AC/Neptune and my progressed Juno exact. And mercury is cong my progressed moon at 18 degrees sag. My sun is 7 degrees cancer and his Venus and mars are 4 and 7 degrees cancer, my mars is 12 degrees libra and his moon/Uranus are 12 and 13 degrees libra, he’s going through his Uranus opposition. When transit Uranus went rx in July, things really stalled between us so maybe this Uranus direct will be helpful… Any advice with how this full moon and the transiting planets are hitting my charts?

    • Wow, Acquagal! This ought to be a significant Full Moon for you! It certainly will light up your first house & your relationships. Just as well Uranus doesn’t quite make it back to 7° too. There is a good possibility the issues from before will be up for review as Uranus begins to move forward. See what emerges over the next few weeks when Mars in Libra hits 12-13° because those degree points are under fire next year from the Uranus-Pluto sq. Tempers might be a bit short . . . take care. 😛

      Good luck!

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  3. hello diane

    i have the 3rd house in gemini and the 9th in Sagittarius at 19 degress…I have any luck to go abroad?i m libra(17 oct 1985 17:20 PM,craiova(romania).I would like to work in uk?it;s possible?my wish will accomplish?


    • Hi Adela,

      I see Jupiter is transiting your 4th so wishing to move makes sense. It is possible you may be able to lay the ground work for this move under the Jupiter-Saturn trine. With Capricorn on the Midheaven & a natal Saturn-Mars sextile w/Mars in your 6th house, the more you know about the job situation in the UK the better. With a Sagittarius Moon conj Uranus, exploring new places is something you likely enjoy very much. I can see you up & moving on a whim! 😀 Remember you have your Saturn Return coming up in about a year with only one pass in late November 2014.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  4. thanks diane! my IC is also 18 degrees aries so mercury in sag/my progressed moon are trine my IC and sextile my MC in libra… its very intense energy for sure… all is quiet right now, i feel like its the calm before the storm lol! im thinking rather than trying to push for movement forward right now ill just wait and see what happens. im nervous but rather than anticipating anything i will try to be calm and allow the universe to do its thing. i have a massage/facial scheduled for Dec 17 and i think i picked the perfect day for it.

  5. Hello Diane,

    what does it mean that my Saturn returns in november 2014?is a good aspect or bad?is my karma?or what ?it is in my 2nd and 8th house ?i don t understand it so well.i must be very responsable and careful?..or i cannot change anything then or??please help me..?what can i expect then..give me some advices

    Thank you for everything!

  6. Ooh another full moon in my 7th (half-hearted, sarcastic cheer).

    Really glad to be enlightened as to what the HECK happened on Friday the 13th! I fell waaaayyy back into my eating issues…bad sugar binging. Feeling defeated and guilty…slipping! Just starting to regain control.

    So, enlighten me…what effect does Neptune squaring your Venus have on you? I am beyond curious what this transit does to someone who is in a healthy, stable relationship!

    I thought Neptune stationing forward was the end of my strange affair but its still creeping about. Just in case I wonder if its best to sit out the rest of this transit. It’s like walking through a forest full of strange creatures!

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