Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 30, 2013

Capricorn's wild side - The Green Man

Capricorn’s wild side – The Green Man

© vil-painter

Cranky people alert this week! Mars in Libra is at the center of the action on Monday and Tuesday when it squares a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and then squares the Capricorn Sun on Wednesday. Tempers will flare and unless we do our best to remain civil, we could end up saying some pretty unforgiveable things which is not a good option in my opinion.

Having Pluto right in the middle does not help at all. Pluto is ruthless and extreme as well as excellent at promoting obsessions and expectations. What we can work with is ourselves (the Sun), how we communicate (Mercury) and what actions we choose to take (Mars). Just saying . . .

Wednesday brings the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn and it is a real powerhouse. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto form the apex of a cardinal T-Square with Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries as the base. Here again we have a choice in how we direct this energy. It can be constructive or destructive and both options have their place in the larger scheme of things. After all it is often necessary to clear away the old to make way for something new. The tricky part is figuring out what is worth keeping. There may be so much angst and anger floating around, we could easily obliterate too much . . . including ourselves. Thankfully there is plenty of earth in the sky to help maintain a modicum of common sense.

Both Mercury and the Capricorn Sun will join forces with Jupiter in Cancer late in the week via an opposition. Cancer brings out Jupiter’s spirit of generosity, particularly where family is concerned. Hopefully some fences will be mended as long as we are willing to forgive and forget. Some folk might be feeling so battered by that point in time, they’ll be willing to step back from the brink and play nice.

An important factor to consider this week is the manner cardinal earth and Mars in Libra expresses anger and discontent. Innuendo and nastiness disguised as humor, all veiled by a façade of manners, are likely to be on display in social situations such as New Year’s Eve parties. Unlike fire signs who march right up and tell you they are mad as hell, cardinal earth is subtle in its viciousness – direct but subtle.

Those most vulnerable to this week’s translation of the cardinal T-Square are those with personal planets and Ascendant from 8° to 11° in the cardinal signs. Be careful out there and pay attention to the undercurrents. It is an excellent time to practice tact, patience and kindness.

This may be a tough week for you, Aries, due to a feisty partner and potential head-butting with those in authority. Having to back down is not something you are noted for doing gracefully either. Think about career goals for the coming year too.

It is possible you might be able to dodge some of the worst storms this week, Taurus, though it wouldn’t hurt to keep your head down on the first of the week. A disagreement with co-workers over scheduling issues is another possible glitch.

Getting into heated discussions about joint finances especially involving debts are possible now, Gemini. If you have children and are in the process of setting up funds for their education or attempting to find monies for creative projects, it could be challenging.

You might end up feeling like everyone is out to get you now, Cancer, even if it isn’t the case. Striving to make peace between your significant other and your family might turn out to be a lost cause for now. The weekend looks somewhat more favorable.

I know you love a good party, Leo, and New Year’s Eve is one of your favorites. However, if you overindulge yourself this year, your digestion could really suffer. Eat lightly and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the evening. Mind what you say too.

Be extra careful at this time, Virgo, when it comes to taking risks or gambling with your hard earned money. Do your homework and talk over the possibilities with your associates and peers. The coming weekend looks good for spending quality time with your partner.

Another dicey week for you, Libra, though with any luck the worst will be over soon. This time around you could end up feeling caught between family demands and your career. The urge to give someone a sharp set down could be hard to resist.

Whether you realize it or not, Scorpio, others may perceive you as beating them over the head with your words. If you consciously dial back the intensity you might be able to do some real good on the behalf of others now.

What you may run into this week, Sagittarius, is some intense discussions about your earning ability, personal finances and self worth. Is your self image tied up with how you make your living? Most balanced advice could come from your peers.

Be very, very clear about what you set into motion now, Capricorn, because this ball may keep rolling for a long, long time. If you end up alienating someone close to you that will probably be the last time you see them.

If you feel like your subconscious is bubbling and brewing, Aquarius, it is! You have plenty to process now. Input from people who inspire you – spiritual teachers, professors, gurus, etc – may be the source of this inner turmoil. Give it some gestation time.

Pisces, there is a pretty good chance you will be more of an observer than an active participant in this week’s main show. Doubt if that breaks your heart. Taking part in group activities dedicated to serving the greater good works for you now.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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