Happy New Year 2014!!

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2014 starts off with the first New Moon of the year on New Year’s Day! This rare event is perfect for kick starting our year if we can direct the intense energy. Venus in Capricorn starts off the year retrograde though Venus will be stationing direct at the end of January. Mars is just beginning its extended stay in Libra (it will remain in the seventh sign until July), so we might as well get used to Libra folk running a little hotter under the collar than usual.

The event astrologers everywhere are most excited about is the cardinal Grand Cross in mid-April. Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are the four planets involved. The Grand Cross is a very stable pattern, unlike T-Squares, and consequently may be less disruptive than anticipated. Once Mars moves out of orb of the other three planets in early May, we might begin to see more action. Cardinal signs are the ones who initiate and this means change . . . be ready to take that first step!

The two exact Uranus-Pluto squares this year take place on April 21 at 13° and December 15 at 12°. The first one has the whole Grand Cross thing going on but the second one only has the Libra Moon fleetingly creating a T-Square and should be far less troublesome.

I’m looking forward to Jupiter leaving Cancer for fiery Leo on 16 July. Leo’s innate generosity and warmth combine nicely with Jupiter’s natural magnanimity. I realize Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but he does love the fire signs. The chief drawback to Jupiter’s stay in Leo could be a tendency to overindulge and spread the love around a little too freely. This shift will give us two outer planets in fire the second half of the year with Saturn in Sagittarius joining the fire team just before Christmas 2014.

Take it from someone who has been around for awhile . . . humans are adaptable. We may whine and moan whilst dealing with life’s challenges but most of the time, we survive and often prosper. My resolution for 2014 is to stay focused in the moment and not worry so much (even knowing the last three Uranus-Pluto squares will involve my Libra Moon.)

May we all make good choices, remain graceful under pressure and remember to enjoy life this coming year!

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    • Thanks, Tricia! 😀 Here’s wishing you & yours a delightful, successful year ahead!

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