Libra Weekly Horoscopes for January 6, 2014



© Jody Bergsma

Other than Mars in Libra squaring Jupiter in Cancer midweek, the atmosphere promises to be considerably calmer than the past couple of weeks. Maybe we can get some serious work done instead of running around putting out fires or having to come to terms with disruptive news. That being said, Mars-Jupiter aspects can be on the exuberant side. Libra-Cancer dialogues often revolve around Libra accusing Cancer of taking things too personally and Cancer firing back calling Libra unfeeling. And it can go downhill from there.

A series of very helpful, productive aspects start with Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio on Monday, a delightful Mercury-Venus conjunction on Tuesday with the best of the week on Saturday:  Venus conjunct Sun in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio. I love these aspects for improving our ability to discuss such sensitive subjects as finances with our nearest and dearest. Scorpio and Capricorn typically get on well together. Both are on the reserved side and Capricorn really appreciates Scorpio’s competency whilst Scorpio is a big fan of Capricorn’s organizational abilities.

Cardinal Capricorn still dominates the sky and with fewer distractions will be able to promote taking proactive approach to problem solving. Now is the time to take the ideas generated on the New Moon in Capricorn and start working on making them a reality. It will be easier than usual to set priorities and follow the plan step by step rather than jumping ahead and skipping over vital stages. Those who might be most tempted to jump ahead are those with personal planets in the cardinal signs at 15°. Since my Libra Moon is 15° I have the feeling I will be grateful for Saturn currently conjoining my natal Mars and acting as a brake!

Hey air and fire sign folk! Prepare to welcome Mercury in Aquarius on Saturday! Aquarius is detached, rational and very, very mental though not necessarily all that practical. What this Mercury does help with is perspective, enabling us to choose to review our issues with more objectivity. By the way, Mercury will remain in Aquarius until mid-March except for a couple of weeks in early February due to going retrograde on February 6.

It is time to shake off the post-holiday blahs and get busy, people. We’ve got great support now so let’s make the most of it! 😀

For the most part your career situation looks quite decent this week, Aries. It is dealing with family members that might cause you to lose your cool, especially the ones who are drama prone. Please do your best to not let them get under your skin.

You have so much support from the Universe these days, Taurus, it makes handling minor emergencies all that much easier. Your greatest challenge this week is bite your tongue to avoid saying something unpleasant to those you work with. You won’t regret it.

Along with your Libra and Aquarius friends, Gemini, you are going to love having Mercury in airy Aquarius. The toughest part will be waiting all week long for this to happen. Sunday is the best day of the week to get together with friends to catch up and chat.

Feeling the love from your partner and your oldest friends this week, Cancer, should help you manage less than pleasant interactions with family midweek. Let those go and make a point of planning something fun for yourself on Saturday . . . preferably with your favorite person.

Working around your home this week might be just what you need to make you feel better, Leo. Maybe do some deep cleaning or perhaps a little painting to freshen up a room or two. A bright, clean environment is wonderful for reviving your spirits.

Whilst most of you, Virgo, are not exactly what I’d call silver tongued, this week you might get close to that. Or if you are a writer and have been struggling to find the right words that should improve markedly now. Enjoy!

Too much career success can sometimes be as challenging for you, Libra, as the opposite and this week you might be feeling overwhelmed by midweek. The most promising change is being able to indulge in creative speculation again after this weekend. Nice!

You continue to be rock solid, Scorpio, plus you have a decided advantage at this time of being able to get your point across effectively yet tactfully . . . amazing! Saturday is your best day this week all the way around and an excellent time for a party.

Like it or not, Sagittarius, your attention keeps being pulled back to learning about fiscal responsibility. The current intensity should begin to ease this weekend but only a little. Check with your accountant before donating to your favorite charity the middle of the week.

Overall this should be a very favorable week for you, Capricorn. Your network of like-minded people is strong and you may be much in demand. Keep a lid on your temper at work or when dealing with your partner midweek. Enjoy an excellent weekend.

There is a surprising amount of behind the scenes support when it comes to meeting your career goals now, Aquarius. Being the dependable person at work should begin to pay off now. A subtle shift in the atmosphere this weekend opens windows in your mind.

Some of your most rewarding experiences at this time, Pisces, revolve around working with others on behalf of those in need. Knowing you are able to help is a really big deal for you. Saturday is the best day this week for social activities.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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    • Hi michael,

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