Libra Weekly Horoscopes for January 13, 2014



© Heidi

We ease into the final week of the Sun’s stay in earthy Capricorn which features the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, Capricorn Venus-Libra Mars square and an exhilarating Mercury in Aquarius sextile to Uranus in Aries. The underlying feeling is one of transitions, dealing with finishing up one set of projects whilst beginning to take a look at starting something new and different. The Sun enters airy Aquarius on Sunday, January 19, bringing a very different lens to view our lives through.

In general Full Moons are when we may get a reality check on the plans we set into motion on a New Moon. Since the Capricorn New Moon on January 1 was super charged, we might need to sit down on the Cancer Full Moon to sort through what is working and what needs to be set aside for now. Saturn in Scorpio is on hand to help us carefully walk through all of this. Saturn is very good at setting priorities by recognizing limitations as well as strengths.

The Venus-Mars square takes place the same day as the Mercury-Uranus sextile. Lover’s quarrels often erupt when the planet of love squares the planet of war. Both Libra and Capricorn are very aware of what is socially acceptable so these disagreements are likely to occur in private. Money and spending habits are potential sources of difficulty. At least the Mercury-Uranus sextile will be there to help us figure out creative ways to apologize and make up.

There is another Mercury aspect on Sunday, an inconjunct between Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Cancer. Be very careful when making your point to avoid over-embellishing the facts. Cancer and Aquarius don’t have much in the way of common ground because Aquarius tends to focus on the collective whilst Cancer’s world revolves around home and family.

My vote for best aspect of the week is the Mercury-Uranus sextile because it is exactly what is needed to plan ahead. Clear sighted and forward thinking Mercury in Aquarius gains exponentially from the connection to Aquarius’s ruler. Write down your best ideas so you won’t forget them.

Aquarius season officially begins on Sunday and we gain a third planet in air for a few weeks. Our mental horizons will have an opportunity to expand once more and air signs will happily go back to theorizing and playing with ideas again. A better balance in the elements is always refreshing.

You have an opportunity this week, Aries, to take a good look at how you are balancing your career demands with the needs of your family. Best place to look for quality feedback is your network of friends and associates. Step lightly around your partner Thursday.

Taurus, you know how much you dislike have make adjustments to your usual routines, so please pay attention to any messages coming in concerning your professional life this week. Next week may usher in a period of renewed demands on your time and energy.

One of your favorite things, Gemini, is learning new things and then sharing what you’ve learned with others. Conversations with your peers and associates may provide important clues about an amazing learning opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. Exciting times!

If you are looking for ways to invest wisely, Cancer, listen to what your superiors have to say this week. Surprisingly enough you are often willing to take a look at cutting edge investment opportunities and usually do quite well with them.

As you may have begun to notice, Leo, bouncing ideas off your partner now is an excellent way to open up your creative side. It is input from other people that inspires you and could help you find a new and better direction to focus your talents.

For you, Virgo, changing up your daily routines can do wonders for your health and well being. This week you may be presented with an unusually great way to do just that. Take time to finish up creative projects already in the works.

The ongoing struggle to balance career and family continues to challenge you, Libra. This week you could be very pleasantly surprised to find your creative side beginning to emerge after a period of dormancy. Look for innovative feedback from others at this time.

An idea for making changes around your house to create a healthier environment may strike you out of the blue now, Scorpio. It could be anything from a serious bath remodel to doing a little feng shui to lighten the atmosphere in a room or two.

Your mental gears are beginning to spin in earnest this week, Sagittarius, though it might still be best to use this renewed brain power to improve your financial situation. Taking a calculated risk or two is right up your alley. Best ideas pop in midweek.

Take some this week to reassess how you are doing, Capricorn, particularly in regards to plans you set into motion at the beginning of this year. If you feel you need to make some adjustments, do it now while you still have plenty of backing.

Aquarius, be sure to record all the ideas that run through your busy mind this week, no matter how off the wall those might be. There is bound to be an absolute gem or two amongst those if you are willing to dig through them carefully.

Your dreams are almost always a source of inspiration for you, Pisces, but you may want to take particular note of them this week. What floats up from your unconscious could pertain to anything from your love life to improving your earning ability.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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