Observations: Mercurial Odds & Ends

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I’m beginning to notice the fact Mercury in Aquarius is in my third house and making a waxing sextile to Uranus in Aries in my fifth house. There is a certain jumpiness to my thoughts right now making it more challenging to focus on a particular subject. Rather than fighting I decided to do an odds and ends post for a change.

Regarding the Mercury-Uranus sextile . . . it takes place at 9° on Thursday and for me that means both planets aspect my natal Neptune in Libra. Mercury is trine and Uranus opposite Neptune. The best outcome will be some very creative thinking and being able to come up with new solutions to old, nagging problems. Obviously those who have personal planets or an Ascendant at 9° in the cardinal signs will be able to use this sextile most effectively. Of course, if those planets are in Cancer or Capricorn, there might be some short-circuiting happening.

I also have Saturn in Scorpio currently sitting on the midpoint between my natal Mars and Mercury in Scorpio in my twelfth house. This is a “less is more” transit and more conducive to making very terse comments. Quite the opposite of the effect the sextile is having. In other words, it feels like getting caught up in a full blown paradox. Whilst Aquarius is totally comfortable living with a paradox or three, Scorpio is not. Ever so much fun!

That reminds me of something I was reading today in one of my favorite books by Donna Cunningham, An Astrological Guide to Self Awareness (15th Anniversary). She was talking about the importance of having a good understanding of your natal chart before beginning to study transits to it. For example, transiting Jupiter conjoining the Sun is usually considered a positive experience. However if your Sun is the apex of a T-Square with Pluto opposite Saturn as the base, any transits conjoining the Sun are going to trigger the T-Square. Given Jupiter’s knack for amplifying existing conditions, the results could be darned unpleasant with power struggles and control issues popping up everywhere.

On a different subject . . . something I use every day is Llewellyn’s 2014 Daily Planetary Guide: Complete Astrology At A Glance (Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide). The daily lunar aspects are listed as well as the lunations plus all other major aspects. Retrogrades are noted and those times when the planets change signs. The greatest drawback is only two time zones are represented, Eastern and Pacific.

Because I belong to Amazon Associates, if you use the links in this post to buy either of the books, I will make a little something from your purchase. This also applies if you use the links in my Favorite Books widget in the left sidebar. Naturally I would greatly appreciate it if you do so.

Hey, enjoy today’s Full Moon in Cancer! Catch up with everyone later . . .

One response to “Observations: Mercurial Odds & Ends

  1. Dear Diane,
    Your remark about transiting Saturn being a midpoint now, triggered me, and I found out transiting Saturn is on the midpoint of many planetary combinations in my chart! Too much to put them all down here, but this 20-22 degr Scorpio is a heavy, mixed up place 🙂 But somehow I am grateful, because it gives me the opportunity to build up something real, or lay some new fundaments, getting things in perspective (my ninth house). Usually I think Saturn is too heavy, too dark for me in it’s workings, but now I feel silently confident. Some kind of trust.
    Thanks for triggering me! (Logically, Uranus is my middle name 😉

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